There’s a difference between receiving a carefully wrapped present and a gift that’s still in the store packaging. While it’s true that wrapping takes time, effort, and thought, the experience of opening that gift is much richer and more anticipatory.


Can’t picture it just yet? Let us take you on a tour of the unboxing experience, and while we’re at it, slip you a few tips on making your gifts as exciting to open as the ones in our favourite memories. 



When wrapping a present, do you ever wonder what would make it even more enjoyable to open besides the reward of the gift? Is it the crinkling of the paper or the unraveling of the twine ribbon? The brightly patterned wrapping paper that promises more joy within? The first impression is an important part of the experience, since it can only happen once to every person.


Use the physical senses as a handy guide. What do they see? Attract their attention with colours, words, and patterns. What will they hear: the sound of a paper ribbon rustling or the peel of scotch tape? Will there be a scent or fragrance attached to the gift, and will it be nostalgic or novel? Ignite their sense of touch with texture such as twine, fabric ribbons, or even embossing on the wrapping paper.





We all know what it’s like to scramble through the wrapping, excited for the gift. But the middle can be the best bit, the anticipation as much a present as the actual item. So how do you increase this feeling even as they peel each layer open, closer and closer to the reveal?


One idea is to use the element of surprise. Build on their expectations of the gift with misleading wrapping paper, cards, or boxes, then subvert them by revealing something different—and better.


Another idea to try is layering up on the wrapping for suspense. Encourage them to have higher expectations and increase their sense of achievement when they finally reach the center.




Everything's been unwrapped and your loved one's delighted with the gift, but the experience hasn't come to an end yet. Compliment your perfect gift with thoughtful final touches.


To go the final extra mile, add in a handwritten note or letter for a thoughtful touch. Another idea is to find a way to reference an inside joke or a phrase only the two of you would know. It could be a photo, a drawing, or even a small object.


Remember, this is the space for the sentiment of the gift to shine. So go all out, and be the most honest and authentic you can be to the person receiving the gift.



Excited for gifting season yet? Head over to our Gift Guide for ideas on presents to shower your loved ones with, or take a look at our 'Tis The Gifting Season blog post for more inspiration.


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