Still confused with the Planner layout you should use? Let us help you make your choice by showing you the functionality of both.


That way, you can see, whether it's the vertical or horizontal layout, we have tailored our design so that you can find the right fit to your preference. Read on for a quick comparison:


Weekly Horizontal



To start, we have our weekly horizontal layout that is perfect for the task-oriented user. If you are one, that means you complete your tasks by breaking them down into manageable sections and prioritizing them in order to finish it.



With two columns consisting of a blank space and grid notes for flexibility, the weekly horizontal text paper allows you to have both the freedom of creative expression and the proper design for you to plan out your schedule that best fits your working style.



This is especially true with our spacious and directional layout that gives you plenty of space to work with and naturally allows you to see all your tasks of the week with just one glance.



Our weekly horizontal layout is flexible and easy to use, giving you project-based users a functional layout to work, schedule, and create small art with!


Weekly Vertical



As for you time-oriented users, our weekly vertical layout would be more suitable for you. This means, you are someone who sets a fixed time to focus on a certain task and once that time is up, you will move on to the next task in the queue.



With a clear view of your upcoming events and the hourly columns already sectioned out for you, the weekly vertical text paper allows you to plan out your schedule in a detailed linear structure that helps you bounce back to any incomplete task.



There is even ample space at the bottom section that lets you jot down any important information, and make checklists to keep track of everything you have on hand.



Our weekly vertical layout is structured and effective for scheduling, making it easy for students and executives to plan out even the smallest details of their day.


So did this quick explanation make choosing your text paper easier? If you are still not sure which one to choose, feel free to comment below and we can work out which text paper would suit you best.


Check out our 2021 Planner Collection here.


For those that chose their paper, which one did you go for? Let us know by taking a video of your unboxing and send it to us @mosseryco on Instagram!


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