As the screen lights up slowly, a single, crisp sound of a tinkling droplet is followed by booming drumrolls and a familiar tune. The image of a galaxy dissolves into a white screen, leaving only the iconic letters to turn a brilliant red. Ideas Worth Spreading, says the tagline.

Here at Mossery, we celebrate ideas. Ideas that make sense, ideas that don’t, ideas that are brilliant, ideas that are not so - we love being innovative and coming up with fresh ideas, so TED talks has definitely become a staple mental food for us, as we nibble on interesting topics and chew on sophisticated concepts.

The TED community has never ceased to amaze us - a massive team made up entirely of volunteers, who come together each year to organise one huge conference in hopes of inspiring people. We’ve always wanted to work with a local TEDx community and help spread the word on the importance of creating innovative ideas, and this year, we’re honoured to have been able to sponsor TEDx KL 2016 with two different pocket notebook designs, both of which were specially-crafted for the one-day conference. The designs come in iconic TED colours - one with a brilliant gradient of red and white, and the other in full black.

We were inspired by lightbulb moments that come and go - the kind that threatens to vanish the next second if you don’t immediately grab hold of it . Hence, in comes the concept of ‘Ideas Worth Noting’. Great ideas should not be chucked aside in your brain and hoped that it will be found one day when you need it. Fantastic, phenomenal, world-changing ideas should be written down. Immediately. Before they can be solid ideas and concepts that are worth spreading, they come as bits and pieces that are worth noting down, so that it can be refined later into a great solution. With your thoughts gathered on paper, it will be so much easier for you to access all of your raw ideas.

It was definitely a defining moment to see our logo (albeit its smallness) up on screen at TedxKL 2016 along with other great names. 


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