With the rise of journaling in popular culture these days, how many of us are using journaling to its full potential? What does journaling mean to you?


Well, here at Mossery, we encourage you to journal in order to discover new things about yourself.


Keeping a diary, and journaling your thoughts can often help you remember things and even explore topics you might not otherwise have thought about.



With that, we have come up with a Journaling Kit where we hope it can help you realise the full potential of journaling.


When you open up our Journaling Kit, the first thing you are greeted with is our array of stationery!


Of course, you will receive a Notebook with the cover of your choice, pens, tapes, stickers, and more to enhance your journaling experience.



However, the star of the kit is definitely our brand new card deck, Mossery Introspect: Prompt Cards For Self Discovery.


This 120-card deck comes with a variety of journal prompts that is divided into four main categories of Family, Friendship, Love, and Self.


For beginners, it can be quite difficult to start journaling as most of us would not know what to write about ourselves.


So we thought to make things easier for you introspective creatives by preparing carefully curated questions to prompt you!



We encourage you to pick ones that you feel particularly drawn to so that you can start opening up as time goes by.


As you progress, you can slowly challenge yourself by answering questions you have not really thought about!


After all, journaling can be a powerful form of self-expression that can help increase your self-awareness, dissect your complex feelings and find meaning in your day-to-day. An efficient way to do so is:



Write in a safe space where you can be alone with your thoughts. A quiet, private space usually does the trick!


Allow yourself ample time to ponder, and really think about a question. When you are stuck, step away and come back to it. It’s important to journal at your own pace.



Ask yourself why, where, what, who, when, and how and you’ll be surprised at the answers! Dig deep and explore.


Write in a way that feels most comfortable to you. It is not about the length of time or even the length of the journal entry, it is the revelations that matter.



Write in a private book and keep it somewhere only you know. You can, of course, share it with trusted people but only when you want to!


Journaling is a habit that records your thoughts which allows you to reflect on them later. It is useful to document yourself as our memories are usually unreliable!


If you are someone who wants to see a visual representation of your growth, journaling can surely do that for you.



In the end, we hope that our Journaling Kit can help you be more in tune with who you are.


Give journaling a try if you have never done it before, and give it a go again if you have dropped it some time ago.


We think through introspection, everyone has the potential to grow more compassionate, empathetic and reflective!


Journal your thoughts freely and reflect on the discoveries you encounter. Happy journaling!


What do you find most rewarding about journaling? Leave us a comment below! Also, make sure to share your unboxing with us by tagging us @mosseryco on Instagram!


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