Sleek, functional, and history-making. These are the key ingredients in creating Creme Simon’s corporate notebook. With the inclusion of the company’s brief history, core values, and product information, a single book encases the company’s beliefs and achievements, easily displaying Creme Simon’s journey thus far as an acclaimed skincare brand.

Wai Mun had approached us when we were down in Singapore for one of our bazaar runs, and when they had mentioned they wanted to create brand awareness through a gift for their stakeholders, we knew they were at the right place. We believe that communicating a company’s values to the public is of extreme significance: it stretches beyond the act of sharing your brand, but differentiating it from the rest through your stories and values, then through your products and services - it’s about making your brand stand out with the very things you believe in and stand up for.

The cover illustration is done by an illustrator named Kai, who was previously working with Creme Simon to create a series of illustrations for the brand’s marketing. As you flip open the notebook, you will see a series of visuals depicting Creme Simon’s brief history as a brand, along with their beliefs. The series of introductory pages end with a list of award-winning products which has earned the recognition of designing climate-specific skincare products. The notebook comes with ruled paper and as for the back cover, we’ve included our signature Mossery Logo debossing as a finishing touch.

We believe in everyday thoughtful stationery products which help to communicate ideas. In this case, we’ve created a beautiful and practical notebook for Creme Simon to not only look the part for the company, but also to walk the part - anyone who opens this notebook will immediately understand the brand’s identity in the industry. We’re proud to say that we’ve successfully captured the company’s essence in a single wire-bound notebook.


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