10 Reasons You Need Grid Paper in Your Life Now

3 months ago, when I landed up at Mossery HQ as a bright and shiny new intern ready to learn, Jun and Vivian, Mossery’s head designers, showed me the grid paper option available for the Mossery personalised notebooks range. ‘What’s grid paper even used for?’ I asked. ‘Writing Chinese? Lol.’ Fast-forward 90 days, now grid is the only type of paper I use and ever will use - and writing Chinese is only a very small part of the reason why.

So, what changed? Everything, really: my ever-chubby and messy handwriting became beautifully neat, my brainstorms transformed into stunning, detailed mind maps, and - perhaps most importantly - I became more organised, and thus, more productive.

‘Oh calm down, it’s just paper, it can’t be that great’, you’re thinking. If you, like our completely baffled friend at Reddit above, are a bit confused as to how you can even use grid paper for anything but drawing Maths graphs and writing Chinese, read on - there is so much for you to learn...

  1.    It makes your handwriting ultra-neat and small.

Struggle with untidy and/or unbearably large handwriting? Grid paper will sort that out. Those tiny little squares somehow force your writing to become small and manageable - almost transforming it into a work of art. I’m not kidding. 

  1.  You can use it to make big, scary topics more manageable.

Feeling overwhelmed by a complicated topic, project, or an important decision to make? Organise your thoughts, ideas, and main points into smaller, easier-to-digest chunks using grid paper. Tricky topics tend to become far more manageable once you break them down into their individual components. 

  1.    It’s great for brainstorms and diagrams.

  Turn your book horizontally to create mind maps that allow your ideas and creativity more space to flow. 

  1.   Switching between orientations is easy as pie.

One of the best things about grid paper is that, due to the, well, grid, you can use it either vertically or horizontally. If you tend to write on ruled paper, give horizontal grid paper a try - you’ll have more space to write out all your ideas without worrying about keeping your writing straight. What’s more, studies even suggest that your brain functions ‘better/at a higher level/at optimum level’ in landscape mode (source: Why Smart People Use Grid Paper).

  1.  It’ll make your bullet journal even neater.

      I have to admit, I’m a bit of a newbie in the world of bullet journaling but if the traditional dot paper method means you’re not writing as straight as you’d like, maybe try it out on grid paper. 

  1.  It’s great for practicing calligraphy. 

      Calligraphy - whether brush or copperplate - seems to be the trend at the moment. I mean, who doesn't want to have flawless writing that flows on and on effortlessly? Grid paper will most definitely help you achieve that perfection in calligraphy.

  1.    Effortlessly create to-do lists. 

     Grid paper is easily your best bet for creating to-do lists, for obvious reasons - simply use one of the squares as your little checkbox for that satisfying ‘completed’ tick!

  1. Practice writing Chinese, Japanese, or Korean.

      Learning one of these languages, or all 3? Go you! Ensure all of your characters are the same size by using each box to fit them in.

  1. You can use it to create your very own storyboard or comic strip. 

     Just for fun, grid paper is perfect for creating your fun little comic strips! Definitely a great way to destress.

  1. You can create fun icons for activities and events using the mini boxes.  

Bored of those generic reminder stickers? Create your own personal unique icons for the various activities and events in your life!

If you are an early adopter of grid paper (unlike myself), how have you been using it? Comment below and let us know!

However, if you're new to the grid paper scene and want to give it a go (now that I’ve given you 10 awesome reasons to do so), great news! Get 10% off all Mossery Personalised Grid Paper Notebooks - simply enter our special coupon code: GRID10 at the checkout to enjoy your discount!*

*Offer valid until 31st December 2016.

(This piece was written by our first intern, Saloni!) 

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