Plate to Paper Watercolour Art Kit


Victoria Moey, is an artist known for her Japanese-aesthetic food illustrations. Learn the craft behind watercolour painting as she teaches you the tips and techniques through her mouth-watering illustrations.

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Watercolour Practice Workbook

Learn the Basics of Watercolour with Plate to Paper

Join Victoria as she guides you on a mouth-watering adventure of watercolour painting through delightful treats and sweets in her workbook.

See inside

Explore different painting techniques

Learn to control watercolour with wet-on-wet, wet-on-dry, glazing techniques and more to turn your paintings into a visual delicacy that looks good enough to eat!

Curated Art Tools

Handpicked by Plate to Paper

Have the best art tools chosen for you by Victoria to kickstart your watercolour journey.

*Art Tools are not included in the Mini Art Kit.

5ml Tubes (10 colours):
W002 Chinese White
W013 Opera
W019 Vermillion Hue
W033 Lemon Yellow
W034 Yellow Ochre
W037 Permanent Yellow Deep
W061 Viridian Hue
W093 Ultramarine Light
W134 Burnt Sienna
W157 Neutral Tint

Short Handle // Round (Size 2)
Short Handle // Round (Size 4)

HWC Masking Ink (25ml)

Albrecht Dürer Watercolour Pencil - Light Magenta 119

Mint Enamel Metal Box with 12 half pans

ZEH-05E Hi-polymer Eraser Standard

Twin Metal Sharpener

Plate to Paper Watercolour Art Kit

Free International Shipping

Use code: ARTKIT

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Amazing set, fun for stress relief and just getting into painting

Rhena Refsland
Relaxing as I’m Learning!

I’m a stay at home mom with three kids (all under 12 so they can’t be vaccinated yet) and my husband, who is a virologist, has been work from home for about 18 months now. Our house is too small (and halfway falling apart) for all of us to be here all of the time and for all of our meals to be cooked here. It’s been a rough year and a half … for everyone.

I didn’t realize how much I needed some sort of creative and relaxing outlet until I started using my Plate to Paper kit.

It’s charming and intensely satisfying to use. I’ve never been a painter or really done any sort of visual arts (at least since I was a child), so I’m a total beginner. But this kit has led me through some of the basics with the charming Japanese snacks and foods. My dad went to medical school in Japan so we have visited a few times and hope to return next year. Every so often one of my kids will look at the different foods and we will remember our middle of the night trips to 7-11 when we were last in Japan. My kids also enjoy commenting on my finished paintings and giving me advice. I hope to that by watching me paint, they are inspired to do some of their own creations. We already have a few snacks picked out that we would like to learn how to make at home!

I love that there’s a blank notebook and look forward to feeling confident enough to venture into my own creations.

I am trying to document and share some of my experiences and progress with Plate to Paper on my IG (wildgooseland) and my blog ( I hope that you’ll check those out.

Great Set!

Getting this to get myself start on painting as a means to relief stress. Love the design and set! Going to start on the exercise soon :)

Anh Thu Vu

Worth every pennies you have paid for

Tracie Embro
Love this set!

I have been interested in food illustration for some time now. This kit hit it right on the button! Wonderful first class watercolors and excellent tuition of the subject. Item came undamaged and very quickly actually! Would highly recommend this kit !