Do you know the story behind our Narration pages at the start of our Yearly Planners?


Since the start of Mossery, we wanted you to experience something bigger than ourselves and that’s when we decided to create our introduction pages centering around the universe.


A Twinkle In Space



Normally, it wouldn’t come as a surprise that most people would overlook the first few pages of our Planner.


However, if you look at the first page of our Planner with the context of the entire book, you’ll realise that it is the start of the story!


Going back to when we understood time existed, when there was nothing other than the vastness of the Universe.


All we had was millions of cosmic particles floating around in space among the stars, and the infinite possibilities of what could - or will happen.


Beyond Our Skies



When you flip over to the next page, the first thing to catch your eye may be the bright ball of light at the edge of the page.


The Sun acts as the center of our solar system with all the other planets orbiting around it.


Arranged in order of each of the planets, we made sure to illustrate them with noticeable characteristics so that each planet would stand out.


Here is a little game for you! We listed the names of the planets on all of our Yearly Planners but one! Do you know which year that was?


The Pale Blue Dot Called Home



Move your gaze to the adjacent page and you’ll find the familiar Carl Sagan quote with an illustration of our planet Earth.


When you take into account Sagan's quote sincerely, and try to position yourself to look at the world from afar, we hope you too can experience its humbling nature.


As an individual, we have so many possibilities and stories to tell.


With everyone we ever knew and everyone we could know, the world is undoubtedly an infinite space where we could always, learn, take in, and experience.

And How We Are Here To Stay



If you move to the next two spreads, you will find our illustrations of influential people from the past to the present who excelled in their respective fields.


As time passes by, the people in the world that create change increases as well! Thus, we create new feature spreads every year to highlight as many people as we can.


Since humankind had invented tools for their convenience, Earth has nurtured many influential people who have devoted their lives to their trade and made huge impacts on the present.


More often than not, most of these people went unaccredited in their time, so we hope at the very least, our Featured Illustration pages can give them the spotlight they deserve.

The Individual You



When we understand the vastness of the universe and how humankind has led us to the present, we start off our Planner with Personal Pages meant to document you.


Our Personal Pages may have gone through a lot of changes throughout the years but they all share one purpose and that is to focus on you. We made pages for you to list down anything and everything to do about you.


From your favourite places, quotes, to your priorities, values and beliefs! Like the endless possibilities the Galaxy can offer, you too deserve to be highlighted for being here with the rest of us.


In the end, our Planners may be just a blank canvas for you to create on but we hope that the sentiment behind the product can inspire you to do more.


We believe that everyone can be destined for greatness and we hope that our Yearly Planner can accompany you on your journey to do just that.


Take a look at our Planners with its vast collection of 44 covers for you to choose from and personalise it to make it yours today.


Which part of our Planner is your favourite? Let us know in the comment section below or tag us @mosseryco on Instagram!


We would love to hear what you think about this post.

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