Every year, we design a guide that's included in each planner to help our customers create planning systems that assist with their daily lives.

We’ve always done it in a booklet format previously, staying true to our book-making business. This year, we decided to try something a little different with our fourth issue.

With some help from our friend Hsin Yin, we’ve come up with a fresh new design for our 2019 Tips, Guides, and Usage Examples Zine. 


2019 Zine Standing


The design mirrors the experience of spreading out a map, inviting you to hold and look at the texts and images from every angle: open it, close it, flip it around, cross your arms to reach for the back—you're free to explore!

We also chose to incorporate metallic ink into the finishing touches of the zine. If you move it under the light, it hides and reveals the details magically.

It's always challenging and fun to explore a new design opportunity. We're glad to have taken the leap with this one.  

2019 Planner with 2019 Zine


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