2024 Digital Planner

Bringing the best of both worlds together—the perks of going digital + the creativity of using physical planners.

Each purchase comes with interactive file formats, a collection of more than 400 Digital Accessories (stickers, widgets & text labels), and a one-year Mossery Digital Club membership. Get access to exclusive discounts, and free goodies, and meet the makers from all over the globe in the online community.

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Supported Devices

Our Digital Planners are designed to work with tablets that support a stylus.

iPad or any Android Tablets
Stylus such as Apple Pencil

Supported Apps

Only PDF-compatible apps can support the full functionality of the Digital Planner.*

iOS for iPad: GoodNotes, Notability
Android: Noteshelf or Xodo

*Some apps are free, while others might require a one-off payment or subscription.


Devices and note-taking apps are NOT part of this purchase.
This is a digital product. No physical product will be shipped.
Download items are generally not refundable, returnable, or exchanged.
This digital product is sold for personal use only and may not be resold, copied, redistributed, or used for other purposes.

Mossery 2024 Digital Planner

Bringing years of experience in design to your digital lifestyle. Combining the best of both worlds—enjoy doodling, planning and decorating your digital planners anytime, anywhere.



Fully Interactive

Navigate with Ease

Seamlessly jump between dates or to any other page, with just a tap. No scrolling required.

Primary Navigation grounds the core sections of your Planner.

Secondary Navigation brings you directly to a specific page in a section.

Page Navigation allows you to toggle between 3 different layouts.



Each Digital Planner ships with different layouts tailored to your needs. Just copy, and insert them anywhere in your Digital Planner.


Organise your thoughts in our Notebook with sections. Customise and add-on pages and chapters as and when you need them.

2024 Planner

Map Out Your Year

Dated Planner

Schedule important tasks and events at the right time.

2024–2025 Calendar
2024 Yearly Overview
2024 Half-Year Overview
2024 Quarterly Overview
12-month Monthly Planner
53-week Weekly Planner (Grid, Vertical, Horizontal)
Flexible & Adaptable

Ships with 3 Weekly Layouts

Toggle between different layouts to suit your needs and preferences.

Weekly Grid

Introducing a new and improved weekly layout—the Weekly Grid, perfect for visualising your weeks.

See more

Weekly Vertical

Perfect for time-oriented users who function better knowing when things need to get done.

See more

Weekly Horizontal

For task-oriented users who just need to get things done. Also suitable for day-to-day journaling.

See more




Bring a dose of colours and functionality to your Planners. Track your habits, decorate your planner, or introduce prompts to inspire your journaling.

Widgets & Tags
(Life, Personal, Academic, Business)
Habit Stickers
Botanical Studies Stickers
Life in Progress Stickers
Growth in Orbit Stickers



Mossery Digital Club

Every Digital Planner purchase includes a one-year Mossery Digital Club membership. Get exclusive discounts, freebies and access to a global community.

Starts from 1st Jan 2024—31st Dec 2024
Exclusive discounts
Freebies shared throughout the year
Feature Requests
Community Portal Coming Soon

Uniquely Yours

Each Mossery Digital Planner comes with a cover that is personalised with your name.


We will send you an email with a link to download your Digital Planner & Accessories. Once the files are downloaded, you’ll need to import the digital planner into a secondary note-taking application.

Our Digital Planner is delivered as an interactive PDF with functional navigation bars. In order to get the most out of your Digital Planner and use the navigation bars, you’ll need to use applications that support hyperlink functions. Some apps that work with our Digital Planner are Goodnotes, Notability, Xodo and Noteshelf.

Our Digital Planner is delivered as an interactive PDF, so you’ll need a PDF-compatible app for the best experience. In order to navigate through the menu bars, make sure you’re in “view mode” or “non-editable mode”. You might not be able to click on the buttons because the edit mode is active in your application.

You may use our Digital Planner in any digital format, or even print them out as a physical planner! Feel free to look up more applications to suit your needs, but do note that the navigation bars will only work with applications that support hyperlink functions (See Question 2).

The yearly membership includes exclusive discounts for future Mossery Digital products, freebies that we will share throughout the year, and a global community portal. Do note that the membership will be tied to the email you’re using during the purchase of the Digital Planner.

We value our users' experience and commit to delivering the best value. We are constantly working to develop and improve our products to serve you better.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Faustine Wallum
Satisfied. It’s amazing

I’ve used the planner system and refills for the last few years. I wanted to carry less items in my bag and saw the digital option. I’m using the digital planner in Notability and it works greats. I’ll be purchasing again for 2024.

Could be improved

There are so many features to love; endless templates, minimalistic and clean designs, linked pages and A LOT OF stickers. Although, I received my purchase within 1 week (which I was well aware of) and it turned out to be the wrong personalised planner. And I waited for another few days to get the right one due to long holiday. Nevertheless, looking forward to 2024's!

Love it!

Love the Mossery planner in a digital format! It has so many layout options and add on's for all occasions.

Farah A
Satisfied, but looking forward to more content!

This is very practical for those who:
1) A beginner in using planners (like me)
2) Carries an iPad/ tablet everywhere, almost all the time
3) Want to reduce the usage of paper
4) Loves decorating planners without having to buy stickers/ washi tapes etc

The planner is simple enough for a beginner, not too overwhelming (as there are weekly and monthly layouts, the rest can be customised using their plain templates) although I do wish it has more templates/ widgets/ stickers for yearly goals, vision boards, etc.

The links are intuitive, easy to navigate around and instructions are clear.
The widgets shared are good for basic use, though I hope there are more in the community content. Looking forward to this!

Other suggestion:
1) More color theme on the base layout and the widgets! The color has mossery signature color theme (I think all of their planners has the blue/ teal background) - suggest to have other color options. Also their widgets are specific to yellow/ white - to have variations are nice :)
2) More note space on monthly spread


Super cute, the shortcuts work like a charm in GoodNotes (in view only mode) and the stickers are a sweet addition. The best part was though, that I did not have to waste days drawing and dating my own planner pages 😂
Very customisable and flexible, will definitely buy again in 2024 if it will be available! 💖