2020 Year in Review


Artist Collaboration

The Sunflower is mine, in a way...

Starting off the new decade, we collaborated with @elenaboils to create a cover inspired by none other than Vincent van Gogh. Do you have your very own Sunflower?

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For the second month of the year, we celebrated the people around us With Love. We also collaborated with our lovely friend, @meyoco for the new Sleepy Shiba cover.

We’re so happy to have participated in two successful proposals with custom personalisations

Artist Collaboration

Sleepy Shiba by @meyoco

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To commemorate Women’s History Month we launched our She Inspires Creative Challenge where we invited our community to draw the inspiring women in their lives and write empowering messages through our Mossery Message Exchange.

She Inspires

A homage to the women in our lives

Mossery Message Exchange

Your unboxing comes with well wishes


Mossery Care Cards

To bring people closer despite being apart, we introduced our Care Cards to show a little token of appreciation for our loved ones.

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$1,260 USD raised for marginalised communities

The project was also part of a fundraiser to do our part in helping out organisations such as the International Rescue Committee and MERCY Malaysia.

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National Poetry Month

We also featured eight Malaysian poets for our Write Out Loud campaign and invited you all to #DrawThisPoem.

Write Out Loud Campaign

Featured Poems

Featured Artwork


Mental Health Awareness Month

For Mental Health Awareness Month, we created 31 prompts to remind everyone to be Kinder Together. The year started off pretty tough so let’s remain kind.

Sketchbook Refills

We also launched our Wirebound Sketchbook Refills! Now all Sketchbooks are compatible with Threadbound Covers and are refillable. Shop Refills →

Artist Collaboration

On Board the Cosmic Adventure

This was also when we launched our Cosmic Adventure cover. Explore your creativity with our first collaboration with Varsam Kurnia, @somethingstokeep

Let the light be your compass

Not long after, we release our first dual cover titled, Luminary Guides where you get to choose either the Sun or Moon as your front cover.

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Part 1 Part 2


The Story of You

For the month of Celebrating You, we asked you to tell us the story behind your unique personalisations to celebrate the people behind the covers.

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To create a Mossery book that is uniquely yours, we added two personalisation options on our website for those who prefer to express themselves differently.

Zodiac Constellation


Artist Collaborations

We also launched our cover collaborations with Myriam Van Neste, @helsinkimonamour and Jackson Joyce, @jackson.e.joyce for the colourful dreamers out there.

Myriam Van Neste

Delivery Doves and Forest Scouts

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Jackson Joyce

Daydream and Dandelion

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Artist Collaboration

In the second half of the year, we had the great opportunity to work with Maggie Chiang, @mcmintea again for two new covers.

“Flutter with the dragonfly and dance with the tulips.”

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With just a few months left to the year, we launched our 2021 Planners with 4 new designs. With all the ups and downs of 2020, we hope for you to be ready to Plan For Anything.

2021 Planners


City Lights

Stone Speckle

Sunset Glow

Artist Collaboration

We also collaborated with Livia Falcaru, @liviafalcaru for two new covers, Catnap and Flowerpiece

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Catnap and Flowerpiece

Getting Ready For Creative Month

Mossery Art Kits

This was also when we rolled out our Art Kits! With three mediums to choose from, we created this all-in-one tool kit that can help you start your art journey on the spot!

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Mossery Impromptu: Prompt Cards For Drawing

We even created our first ever card deck! With 160 prompts to mix and match, you’ll have enough stimulation to spark that creative mind of yours to start drawing!

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By autumn, we knew most of you were already gearing up for the holidays! With that, we launched our Personalised Greeting Cards through collaborations with Bea Vaquero, @bearvaquero and Martcellia Liunic, @liunic to create these adorable Greeting Cards!

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Personalised cards by Bea

Read our interview with the artist

Greetings cards by Liunic

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Mosstober 2020

For Creative Month, we launched #Mosstober2020 with prompts to draw for 31 days. As everyone can be creative, we hope through this exercise, you can become the artist you want to be.

31 Days, 31 Artists, 31 Artworks

Thank you to the 31 featured artists and all the artworks under the #Mosstober2020 hashtag! It could not have happened without the support of all of you!

Read about Mosstober 2020 here

Writers’ Corner

Mossery Writing Kits

For the writers of our community, we present to you, our Journaling Kit and Planner Kit! Choose either one for self-discovery or self-improvement.

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Mossery Introspect: Prompt Cards for Journaling

We also launched our second card deck with 120 questions for you to journal your thoughts freely and reflect on the discoveries you encounter.

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Artist Collaboration

In November, we launched our most anticipated collaboration yet! We partnered up with French illustrator, Sibylline Meynet, @sibylline_m to bring you her very own curated Gouache Art Kit.

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"Women are a big part of my inspiration and the focus of my work because I am constantly fascinated, motivated and inspired by them."

Read our interview with Sibylline


Last but not least, we even collaborated with You!
With the help from the folks at Fictionist Studio, @fictionistudio we sent out a questionnaire to the world and received over 10,000 answers in return! From there we created our annual Gift Box.

Shapes of You

Inspired by the idea of data-driven designs, Joanne and David from Fictionist Studio created our 2020 Gift Box in hope to show

"A collaborative, hopeful, optimistic, humanised data story."

Read more about it here!

That's a wrap!

In 2020, we had the opportunity to work with not only our community but with old and new friends to create a spectacular year. Thank you all so much! With all your support and love, we are entering the new year with eyes set on new goals and new possibilities.

Stay Safe.
Love, Team Mossery.