Not sure what kind of mediums will work on the Mixed Media Paper?
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Testing out the @mosseryco mixed media 224gsm sketchbook with some floral compositions (also broke in my W&N set hehe).

Although the paper is not as textured as I'd like, it still works wonderfully with watercolour, and with minimal buckling too, even when I'm using a lot of water!

I love how when I finish one piece, I can just turn to the next page and create something else and it's all nicely bound in a cute planner. It's encouraging me to create more!



Painted a thing for Sakamoto week!

I've been using @mosseryco 's sketchbook all week so here's a bit of my review.

The paper is 224gsm thick and holds watercolour better than I initially thought. It handles heavy washes well without buckling too much. Paper doesn't flake when layers of washes is applied and paint doesn't dry too quickly, giving you the time to blend your colour on the paper.

However it doesn't handle tapes too well as my washi tape peeled off a bit of paper? other than that I've got no complaints lol



My personalized @mosseryco sketchbook!

REVIEW: I had wanted to try one of Mossery's sketchbooks after seeing some of my favorite artists on Instagram using them. I got the mixed media paper, so it's thicker with a cold press texture! It holds ink and watercolor really well, the colors don't dull, and the ink doesn't bleed through.

I thought being left handed, the binding might hinder my drawing, but it doesn't! Being able to have both sides of the paper lie flat really helps, because i like to use both sides of the paper on my sketchbooks.