2023 Horizontal Planner Refill

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Recognising that we are a constant work in progress gives us the courage to take the next step forward. Rediscover yourself this 2023 by making the most of each day through reflection and observation.


Life in Progress Booklet

Perfect for those who seek to embark on their self-discovery journey. Includes a sticker sheet binded inside.

Find Your Purpose
Define Your Core Values
Envision Your Future
Goal Setting
Routines & Habits
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Map Out Your Year

Dated Planner

Schedule important tasks and events at the right time.

2023–2024 Calendar
2023 Monthly Overview
12-month Monthly Calendar
Monthly Habit Tracker
53-week Weekly Planner
Brand New Design

A Choice of Two Weekly Planners

Work to your preferred planner layout.


A Weekly Horizontal

Suitable for day to day journaling and task-oriented users who prefer a spacious nature for both scheduling and creative expression.

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B Weekly Vertical

Suitable for weekly journaling and time-oriented users who prefer a structured nature that is clear and effective for scheduling.

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Our medium books are designed to be durable and easy to carry around.

Threadbound hardcover
200H x 150W x 20D mm
Opens flat
Rounded corners
Ribbon bookmark
Front and back pockets


Write with ease across a smooth paper surface.

100 gsm
Bright white
ISO 9706 Long Life
ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard
Made in Italy

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Kasey Stoudt
Great as Always, But Miss the Old Layout

Mossery is great - this is the only planner I've ever gotten that I've ~actually~ used, and even better, I enjoy using it every day. I was originally given one as a birthday present, and now I can't imagine not having one. I need it to get things done and stay organized in my personal and professional life. While it should be clear that I love this product, I must admit I do really miss the old (2022) layout. I really enjoyed the quirky beginning and end pages with important historical innovators. They brought me a lot of inspiration, and the pages regarding values and "favorites" of the year I found very nice for gathering my thoughts. I wanted to order the add-on journal so I could still enjoy these pages, but was unable to when making the purchase (I think it was a defect on the website?). I chose the horizontal layout and while I don't mind it, I do really, really miss last year's layout because I have a hard time fitting all my day's tasks in the given space. I like to write down all the little tasks I have and mark them off as I go so I can keep my head clear and stay goal-driven rather than feeling overwhelmed by my ever-growing to-do list. I hope Mossery brings back the option to go with the old layout next year, but I'm happy to use this one in the meantime.

Love it, but the paper is too thin...

I've been refilling my Mossery for 5 years now and I totally love the new design! I don't find it as overwhelming as the previous year's ones with all the pages at the beginning. However, I think the paper of this year's refill is TOO THIN. My boyfriend bought a Mossery agenda for the first time and he thought the same. Even with a normal pen (I'm not even talking about markers) you can see what's written on the previous page and that's really annoying 'cos I feel like I can't be as artistic and I have to be very careful with the pens and markers I use so that it doesn't show when I'm on the next week spread. I've attached some pics of what i mean. I use Stabilo point 88 and ecoline brush pens. Would love it if for 2024 we could have a thicker paper for the year refills, and maybe it would also be nice if we could have some spare pages at the end of the agenda so we could write whatever we feel like but we don't want it to be in any particular month. Thanks for creating Mossery! <3

Love the updates

I buy a new planner refill every year and I really like the changes this year. They took out all the art at the beginning so it's smaller than previous years, but more planning space that I'll actually use! I'll definitely buy another next year!

Looi Mun Loong

Have been using Mossery for years and always loved their horizontal layout, however I didn't realize they changed the layout until I received it. I'm conflicted because it's something new to adapt to as I've had a method to plan the week since their initial layout, but I also do love that the opposite page is blank to jot down notes, or quick doodles.

Great product and service but delivery costs bad.

Bought for my daughter love the service and product, but delivery costs are prohibitive. £16 for the item and approx £18 for UK shipping. I know it's probably beyond your control but it's an important factor with customers.