Black Stripe Academic Planner (Aug 2017–Jul 2018)

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Text Paper
Grid Notes / 32 pages
Monthly Planner / 12 months:
Aug 2017 – Jul 2018
Weekly Vertical / 53 weeks:
1st August 2017 – 31st July 2018
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We asked students what are the main challenges
they face as a student.


We understand the importance of keeping yourself in check, especially in the midst of a busy period, so that you won’t burn out physically or mentally.


Striving in a different environment and culture can be tough. Being part of a community will give you the support you need to get through the seasons.


There’s more to being a student than just hitting the books — it’s about learning from your peers, your teachers, as well as your rivals.

The Academic Planner’s structure aims to help you achieve clarity, letting you plan everything from the overview of your entire year right down to your tiniest to-do list.


8 pages

Note Paper

32 pages

Monthly Planner

August 2017 – July 2018

Weekly Planner

1st August 2017 – 31st July 2018

Mossery Academic Planner Notebook

Values & Beliefs

Know your way. Write down your personal values.

Stand firm in your beliefs and you’ll be on the right path.
Pick values that you resonate with.
Choose principles that reflect your core beliefs.
How would you like to achieve your goals in life?
How would you like to impact the world?

Inspirations Board

Collect your favourite things. Be inspired.

What makes you feel excited to wake up everyday?
A book that has changed your perception in life.
A role model who inspires you deeply.
A quote that serves as a timely reminder.

Note Paper
Map out your year

Look at the bigger picture — have an outline of everything before diving into the fine details. Draft your schedule, plan your studies, design your habits: create the best system for yourself to maximise your potentials and time.

32 pages of Grid Notes.
Draw an overview of your coursework and list the tasks you need to complete within the course.
Take time to reflect on the past and appreciate the little things.
Create a fitness tracker to record your physical and mental well-being.

Monthly Planner
Plan well

With an overview of the month, you can identify important dates and plan in detail way ahead of time. Organising a birthday bash for your best friend and completing your work on time consecutively is achievable when you plan well.

Overview of the month.
Create timelines for different subjects and keep track of your study plans.
Generate your own set of icons for repeating activities to maximise your writing space.
Have a set of monthly goals to determine your focus of the month.

Weekly Planner
Seize the day

Here’s where your plans come to life: break bigger goals down into smaller chunks and slot them in by the hour. You’ll find yourself completing projects through a series of small tasks put together.

Dive into every hour of your day.
Design your daily habits and stick to it.
Set up a schedule for yourself to work on assignments or projects.
Create to-do lists for different categories and check on the progress at a glance.

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Free Shipping

For a limited time only, enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide when you pre-order 4 or more Academic Planners in a single order!

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