Blossom Cats A5 Notebook

  There is an unusual feeling of drowsiness in the air today. Each leaf and petal in the garden is quiet and still, even the bees that always hover around the flowers seem to have disappeared. The cats purr as they doze. You settle gently onto the grass, your eyes closing on their own accord. The afternoon sun is warm against your face, the light glowing red against the backs of your eyelids. The garden is quiet, and your dreams blissful and forgotten. Read our interview with Meyoco here. This cover design is currently only available in hardcover.

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We all have to start somewhere – a word, a sketch, an idea. We believe that writing not only frees up your mind, but also gives ideas a place to live so you can refer back to them whenever necessary.

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Made in Italy
ISO 9706 - Long Life
pH neutral
ISO 14001 - Environmental Management Standard

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Customer Reviews

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Very pleased just needs the cover and spiral to be tweaked

Mine that I got was good for sketching and inking the pencil glided on the paper the cover was great but it was like a piece of wood covered in paper which makes it sturdy but the paper top makes it easy to stain and like most spiral bound books one of the spiral in twined itself if this happenes to you just sow the two type of wire together to make it more sturdy otherwise it’s been good so far and if you’re just inking it won’t bleed through but no marker work or anything which is to be expected