Cloud Fabric Sleeve

Ready for a mellow picnic at the park and an afternoon nap, complete with insightful thoughts sprinkled on top. Perfect for the immersed thinker.

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A Companion for Your Mossery Notebook

We fill our notebooks with precious ideas, inspirations, and insights—things we hold onto dearly. The Fabric Sleeve is made with all of this in mind: to carry and protect your notebook, as well as everything in it, everywhere you go.


A balance of function and aesthetics

Made to hold your Mossery Notebook comfortably, the sleeve is designed to fit into your everyday life. Whether you’re a budding artist or a thriving entrepreneur, it will help keep your plans, sketches, and thoughts safe in one place.

Pen Holder

Safe and Sound

The pen-locking system keeps everything in place. Simply align both flaps together and slot your pen in to secure all things.


Room For More

No more worrying about losing your receipts, name cards, or any loose items ever again. Store and carry them safely at all times with these pockets.


Intricately crafted with care

From dyeing the fabrics, thinning the leather, to cutting, sewing, pasting—every sleeve is made and assembled by hand, making each item one-of-a-kind and entirely exceptional.

Durable Materials

Lightweight Strength

Lined with genuine sheep leather and cotton fabric with a soft sponge insert in between, we’ve picked this combination of materials to create a light and sturdy sleeve.

Defined Details

The Human Touch

Minor imperfections are part-and-parcel of a handmade product. It marks the subtlety of the human touch—an inevitable impression of the craftsman’s spirit.


Weight 165 g
Closed Thickness (with Book) 30 mm
Pen Holder (Circumference) 48 mm
Pen Holder (Diameter) 15 mm


How do I clean my Fabric Sleeve?

Use a damp cloth—but don’t use a chemical cleaner, as it will ruin the leather. For tougher stains like pen ink, you can try using leather conditioning treatments that are specifically designed to remove stains but not the leather’s dye.

What if the leather gets wet?

Air-dry it at room temperature, as heat or other factors may alter the leather’s chemical structure and change the shape of the leather product.

What if the leather gets too dry?

Pick a leather dressing or cream made from all-natural ingredients and rub it into the leather. Make sure it’s clear to avoid discoloration.

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