Regular Transparent Sleeve

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How to Insert Sleeve

1. Back Cover

Slide the back cover into the sleeve flap by pushing it in firmly with both thumbs.

2. Front Cover

Lift the spine up and insert the bottom corner of the front cover into the sleeve flap.

3. Front Cover

Slide the top corner of the front cover into the sleeve flap until it is fully inserted.

4. Book Band

Lastly, pull out the band from the opening at the back and you’re good to go.

Customer Reviews

Based on 111 reviews

Easy to apply!

Melissa Passarelli
Keeps Your life Clean

I like how this keeps my planner's covers smooth and clean without blemish.
It makes my planner look even more sleek and cool.

Felicia Johansson
I’m happy with it

I’m happy with the cover. I feel like it is unobtrusive and does the job to prevent scratches or light water damage to the cover. After abusing my last one I ordered a new one after it finally got a tear. But that was after months of tossing it in a stuffed backpack with hella loose items. Extremely satisfied.

Nur Ain Mastura Alwie


Carmen C.
Great protection for the covers

I'm happy to have the sleeve protect the illustrated cover since the artwork is so beautiful! The sleeve fits very nicely, and the pen holder is a great feature. The provided instructions made it very easy to put the sleeve on. I do have to knock one star off (more like half a star) because of how it was packaged with another item in my order (an enamel pin). The front of the sleeve was on top of the backing of the pin, so now it has two bumps jutting out. At least I know which sleeve is mine if I ever happen to lose it, haha! Regardless, it still gets the job done of protecting my cover! :)