2017 Planner Guidebook

Every year, we design a small publication that helps the community understand our planner better. This year, we have decided to talk a little more about the reason why we designed the Mossery Planner.

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Mixed Media Sketchbooks

Since launching our planner notebook last year, we've received so many requests to create a book that could withstand a broad range of mediums. So, we put together a new paper option for you — 224gsm watercolour-friendly mixed media paper — and the Mossery sketchbook was born!

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It’s tough to find the perfect gift.

You know what we’re talking about. Whether you need a birthday gift for your new boss at work, or if you’re completely clueless about your sister’s wishlist this year - we’ve got you covered. Give them the gift of choice with a Mossery Gift Card!

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