Ideas Worth Noting: TedxKL 2016

As the screen lights up slowly, a single, crisp sound of a tinkling droplet is followed by booming drumrolls and a familiar tune. The image of a galaxy dissolves into a white screen, leaving only the iconic letters to turn a brilliant red. Ideas Worth Spreading, says the tagline.

Here at Mossery, we celebrate ideas. Ideas that make sense, ideas that don’t, ideas that are brilliant, ideas that are not so - we love being innovative and coming up with fresh ideas, so TED talks has definitely become a staple mental food for us, as we nibble on interesting topics and chew on sophisticated concepts.

The TED community has never ceased to amaze us - a massive team made up entirely of volunteers, who come together each year to organise one huge conference in hopes of inspiring people. We’ve always wanted to work with a local TEDx community and help spread the word on the importance of creating innovative ideas, and this year, we’re honoured to have been able to sponsor TEDx KL 2016 with two different pocket notebook designs, both of which were specially-crafted for the one-day conference. The designs come in iconic TED colours - one with a brilliant gradient of red and white, and the other in full black.

We were inspired by lightbulb moments that come and go - the kind that threatens to vanish the next second if you don’t immediately grab hold of it . Hence, in comes the concept of ‘Ideas Worth Noting’. Great ideas should not be chucked aside in your brain and hoped that it will be found one day when you need it. Fantastic, phenomenal, world-changing ideas should be written down. Immediately. Before they can be solid ideas and concepts that are worth spreading, they come as bits and pieces that are worth noting down, so that it can be refined later into a great solution. With your thoughts gathered on paper, it will be so much easier for you to access all of your raw ideas.

It was definitely a defining moment to see our logo (albeit its smallness) up on screen at TedxKL 2016 along with other great names. 

Mossery × Crème Simon

Sleek, functional, and history-making. These are the key ingredients in creating Creme Simon’s corporate notebook. With the inclusion of the company’s brief history, core values, and product information, a single book encases the company’s beliefs and achievements, easily displaying Creme Simon’s journey thus far as an acclaimed skincare brand.

Wai Mun had approached us when we were down in Singapore for one of our bazaar runs, and when they had mentioned they wanted to create brand awareness through a gift for their stakeholders, we knew they were at the right place. We believe that communicating a company’s values to the public is of extreme significance: it stretches beyond the act of sharing your brand, but differentiating it from the rest through your stories and values, then through your products and services - it’s about making your brand stand out with the very things you believe in and stand up for.

The cover illustration is done by an illustrator named Kai, who was previously working with Creme Simon to create a series of illustrations for the brand’s marketing. As you flip open the notebook, you will see a series of visuals depicting Creme Simon’s brief history as a brand, along with their beliefs. The series of introductory pages end with a list of award-winning products which has earned the recognition of designing climate-specific skincare products. The notebook comes with ruled paper and as for the back cover, we’ve included our signature Mossery Logo debossing as a finishing touch.

We believe in everyday thoughtful stationery products which help to communicate ideas. In this case, we’ve created a beautiful and practical notebook for Creme Simon to not only look the part for the company, but also to walk the part - anyone who opens this notebook will immediately understand the brand’s identity in the industry. We’re proud to say that we’ve successfully captured the company’s essence in a single wire-bound notebook.

Mossery × Kinokuniya Collaboration

As artists, you’ll often find us looking for potential hideouts that are perfect for drawing in a quiet corner with complete contentment. We look high and low for places that are cool, calming, and filled to the brim with inspiration. However, here in Malaysia, these hideouts are practically impossible to find; either they are intensely hot outdoor parks that are only habitable on picturesque postcards, or they’re lunch-time jam-packed cafes with too much hustle and bustle, crashing your inspiration instantaneously.

When we first found Kinokuniya, we could not believe our eyes, ears, or noses. By sight, it was a labyrinthine bookstore waiting to be explored, transforming every adult into a child again; by sound, it was always the perfect volume of classical music lingering within the store; by smell, it was the undeniably faint scent of freshly-printed books at every corner you turn - certainly a booklover’s paradise.

It immediately became our happy place.

Fast forward to today, the Mossery
× Kinokuniya collaboration feels almost like a dream to all of us. We’re genuinely overjoyed to be able to work with a renowned brand that is close to our hearts, and it has been such an unbelievable experience for all of us here. We’ve gone through hours upon hours of brainstorming to finally decide upon on the seemingly simple yet wonder-filled concept of Rain and Shine.

The idea was sparked by one of our designers, Philip. It tells the story of how a company with Japanese origins may be accustomed to experiencing four seasons in their homeland, but when they put down their roots tropical Malaysia, only two ‘seasons’ are to be expected here - Rain or Shine. We believe these two seasons also depict the two distinctive characteristics of readers - Contemplative and Casual.

The Mossery
× Kinokuniya Shine series are made for the Casual - those always out with a book, and are unafraid to be loud and proud with their opinions. Books that are preferred by the Shine series owners may include Elizabeth Gilbert’s bestselling memoir Eat Pray Love, John Keats poetry, and any of Marie Kondo’s books. Perfect for the hopeless romantic who may or may not be superbly organized as well.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the dark and mysterious Rain series, designed for the Contemplative - those who prefer to stay in with a steaming mug of hot chocolate and a good book in their hands. An array of books written by Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, and a number of classical authors may be found on their bookshelves. Ah, nothing like a rainy day and a book on magic, owls, and gentle giants.

As their names reveal, Dandelion, Picnic, and Poolside from the Shine series are all inspired by different elements. As we were inspired by human activities in the process of creation, our designers were able to create louder and more vibrant graphics. Nonetheless, unlike its siblings, the Rain series were are all inspired by the single element of - you guessed it - rain, with each design mirroring the linear progression of raindrops - as represented by straight lines complemented by monochromatic tones to capture the mood of rainy days.

Gifting plays a significant role in the collaboration - we joined Kinokuniya to celebrate their 15th Anniversary here in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, so we got our creative juices flowing again to design and produce a gift-wrapping method that is less bulky yet much more durable. Somewhere along the way, we found Furoshiki, which is essentially a type of Japanese cloth that is used to wrap items to be transported easily. It immediately won our hearts. To us, Furoshiki is not only a sustainable way of wrapping gifts, it is also aesthetically pleasing. Subsequently, it takes on the Japanese element of this collaboration as well.

The finishing touch to our collaboration with Kinokuniya was getting Yee Jin to come in and film for us. We’re extremely grateful to have had a personal friend of ours (who also happens to be a talented designer) to contribute a portion into this project, and the videos have really turned out great! They’re rich in sounds and textures, creating a very fulfilling experience for both the Rain and Shine series, clearly depicting very contrasting moods and emotions through both the 60-second videos.

As we’ve mentioned in the beginning, working with Kinokuniya has been dream-like, but more than ever, it’s a dream realized for us. To be able to collaborate with a global brand which we admire greatly has been a humbling experience, and moreover, we’re incredibly moved to have seen so much support emerge from the local makers. On behalf of team Mossery, we just want to say this: whether in rain or shine, we hope that you’ll never stop reading and be wildly creative with your boundless imagination.

There are no reading days.
There’ll be sunny days and rainy days
holidays and foggy days,
dark days and Mondays,
mild days and wild days
jazzy, bluesy days.
Picnic days and stay-in-bed days,
shopping days and birthdays,
but never reading days.
reading is really for
any day,
just as ideas can come knocking,
be it in sunshiny splendor
or stormy ways.

- Written by the talented folks from Kinokuniya.

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