Create Meaningful Products

We aim to create products that are both aesthetically pleasing and meaningful, inspiring others to take action in realising their dreams.


Many are prompted to think about their values and find their purpose as they use our planners to plan for the year.


Aspiring artists express their creativity in various mediums and share their passion through the use of our sketchbooks.


Lifelong students develop their personal growth as they learn new things with the help of our notebooks.


Our company values are some of the things we think about everyday (aside from where to have lunch). It has since become our guide for making daily decisions – from designing a product to collaborating with people.

Learn Something New Everyday

Driven by curiosity, we are constantly on the lookout for new solutions and inspirations.

Be Curious and open-minded.

Question the normal / Always ask why

Apply knowledge – Improve yourself / the company by 1% every day.

Spark Joy

Joy is an essential element we include in everything we do - we hope to create lifelong experiences that will always put a smile on your face.

Create a joyful experience.

Injecting a little fun and positivity in our work.

Make people happy.

Take Great Care

We go the extra mile for the things we care about - whether it’s our customer's satisfaction or the product we are working on, we want to go beyond our best.

Go the extra mile and run through all the details to deliver your best.

Have a sense of empathy and compassion. Be kind.

Becoming the Person You Want to Be

Do you strive to go far beyond the ‘normal’? We’re a team of like-minded people who are brutally honest with each other for the sake of our personal development, because we're always hungry for growth.


You challenge yourself to work on hard problems. You roll up your sleeves to get it done. You understand that setbacks and hardships are signs that you are making a change in this world.


You’re a marathoner, not a sprinter. You enjoy the run; you love what you do. You set long and short-term goals and understand that great work takes time and hard work.


You understand how to combine your skill sets, technology and networks to help achieve your goals. You strive to do work that has the highest leverage.

Job Openings

Production Manager

To build the factory that manufactures products at its highest quality in a sustainable manner.

Full-stack Engineer

Create a fun and unique online shopping experience with technology.

Marketing & Growth

Communicating our values and help customers build a deeper relationship with our products.

Retail & Distribution Manager

To build a retail network to help put Mossery products in every corner of the world.

Admin & Operations

To serve customers the best and highest quality service with our resources and infrastructure.


To create joyful experiences for the world.