The Mossery Experience

We’re big on constantly seeking discomfort, discussing mind-boggling ideas, putting our plans into fast-paced action, as well as spreading joy to our community.

Living Our Values

We live and breathe our core values. It acts as our guide for making daily decisions.


Pursue Mastery

Compelled to be great in everything you do

Consistently equip ourselves with knowledge and skills

Seek for a deep understanding in all things


Actively Curious

We don’t know what we don’t know—question everything

Pursue the unknown and learn the answers

Be humble and open to learn

Forward the Mission

Move toward the same mission and be grounded in our beliefs

Care personally—have open & honest communications

Actively build the team and community

Who we are looking for

Do you strive to go far beyond the ‘normal’?



You challenge yourself to work on hard problems. You roll up your sleeves to get it done. You understand that setbacks and hardships are signs that you are making a change in this world.



You’re a marathoner, not a sprinter. You enjoy the run; you love what you do. You set long and short-term goals and understand that great work takes time and effort.



You understand how to combine your skill sets, the latest technology, and various networks to help achieve your goals. You strive to do work that has the highest leverage.

Job Openings

Packing & Fulfillment

Highly organised with a strong attention to details, you will pack each order with care. Part-time or full-time.

Senior Web Developer

Create a fun and unique online shopping experience with technology.


Join our 3-month intensive program to learn about a startup in and out while contributing to our mission.

Email us your cover letter and résumé