Maiko Sugiyama

Cream Soda 2022 Planner
Cream Soda Threadbound Notebook
Cream Soda Twinbook
Cream Soda Wirebound Notebook
Cream Soda Threadbound Sketchbook
Cream Soda Undated Planner
Cream Soda Wirebound Sketchbook
Cream Soda Cover

Cream Soda

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Parlour 2022 Planner
Parlour Twinbook
Parlour Wirebound Sketchbook
Parlour Wirebound Notebook
Parlour Threadbound Notebook
Parlour Threadbound Sketchbook
Parlour Undated Planner
Parlour Cover


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Artist Collaboration: An Interview with Maiko Sugiyama / @sugiyamaiko

We enter the sweet, sweet world of Maiko, whose covers Cream Soda and Parlour invoke a sense of whimsy that is...

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