Thoughtful stationery that sparks creativity

Thoughtful stationery that sparks creativity

We believe that everyone is creative

Many mistake creativity as something you have or you don't. As human beings, our minds are able to capture imagination and turn abstract thoughts into ideas.

Here at Mossery, we believe that everyone can create and that creativity is something we can nurture and encourage, since every child is born an artist.

We are Here to Support your Journey

With the right tools, resources and inspiration

With the right tools, resources and inspiration

Mossery makes it so that in everything we do, the support we provide can help and educate you. We are driven to support you by delivering what you need on your journey to become the best version of yourself.

Uniquely Yours

for you

for you

We want our customers to exercise their choice when creating their own unique stationery kit. Your Mossery experience is personal because

It starts with you.

A Space to Inspire Everyone to Create

Growing with a global creative community

Growing with a global creative community

If you are someone who values change and seeks for improvement, you are not alone. Our community of self-expressionists are more than happy to welcome you with open arms.







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Artist Collaborations & Rising Artists

We frequently reach out to artists to create exclusive covers to grace our books and give the spotlight to up-and-coming artists to show our support.

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Creative Challenges

We engage our community to participate in occasional artistic challenges depending on the month’s theme or through our annual Mosstober challenge.

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Behind the Covers

Discover, learn, and find inspiration on our blog that we update monthly with interesting interviews, stories, tutorials, writeups, and art.

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We make and collaborate with artists to create videos of tutorials and sketchbook tours that are perfect for those who prefer a visual and auditory experience.

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Global Citizens

We are dedicated to giving back to the marginalised communities as much as we can. We pride ourselves in championing for the greater good.

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Join Us

Join Us

We are always looking to meet people who are interested in making thoughtful and creative tools for everyone!

Job Opportunities

Want to be a Mosslet? Send us your resume and let us know why you are interested!

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Interested in our vision? Say hello and let’s work together to create something bigger than us!

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