Nadhir Nor

Mentari Wirebound Sketchbook
Mentari Undated Planner
Mentari Threadbound Notebook
Mentari 2022 Planner
Mentari Twinbook
Mentari Wirebound Notebook
Mentari Cover
Mentari Threadbound Sketchbook


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Purnama Wirebound Sketchbook
Purnama Threadbound Notebook
Purnama 2022 Planner
Purnama Cover
Purnama Undated Planner
Purnama Twinbook
Purnama Wirebound Notebook
Purnama Threadbound Sketchbook


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Maiden Enamel Pin

Maiden Enamel Pin

$12.00 USD Sold Out
Sun Enamel Pin

Sun Enamel Pin

$12.00 USD
Nadhir Nor Enamel Pin Set

Nadhir Nor Enamel Pin Set

$20.00 USD 17% off Sold Out


Learn more about the artist's journey & inspiration

Artist Collaboration: An Interview with Nadhir Nor / @snadhir

Kicking off the first Artist Collaboration of 2021, we have our very own Nadhir Nor! Read on to learn more...

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