Welcome back to another Mossery Friends feature, celebrating our community and the inspiring stories of growth and creativity. We are honoured to have been a part of your journeys and to help you grow along the way.


This month, let us introduce you to Alexa Ung, also known as @mingnialexa, who will be sharing her story on how she reignited her love for painting through Iraville's Watercolour Art Kit. 🎨🖌️



Hi Alexa! We'd love to get to know you better. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?


Hi! My name is Ming Ni, but you can call me Alexa. I'm a deaf individual who holds a diploma in Illustration. After I graduated from college, I worked part-time as an art teacher, teaching arts to children and teenagers. Currently, I'm working full-time as a draughtsman and interior designer.


I enjoy exploring my artistic abilities. Currently, I have five Mossery Art Kits, including Mossery × Iraville, Plate to Paper, Tom Haugomat, and Angela Pan's first and second edition Art Kits. So far, I've tried the Iraville Watercolour Art Kit and plan to finish it this year before moving on to other Art Kits.



Did you ever hesitate before buying your first Mossery Art Kit? If so, what made you decide to go for it in the end?


Yeah, I did hesitate before, but eventually, I decided to buy it as I want to practise my art skills and to reduce my time surfing the Internet. I fell in love with the Mossery Art Kits even before I bought my first one. I find them all amazing and it makes me want to collect them all. I admire the artists who collaborated in the Art Kits and would love to learn new skills through it. Besides, I enjoy facing new challenges that come in learning new skills.



Is there a specific piece that you created using the Art Kit that you're particularly proud of? What made it special to you?


Yes and it's Camper Life. It’s hard to paint since it has small details, but that's what made it special to me. I'm proud of the end result as painting everything so small was a challenge and I managed to finish it.


Mossery Art Kits come with a workbook to guide users to develop and practise their art skills. Have you found them to be useful or helpful?


Yes, they are very useful. They helped me to learn new knowledge and skills.


For the Watercolour Art Kits, I was introduced to new brand art materials. I discovered that I can use Polychromos colour pencils after using watercolour, something I never would have considered pairing with watercolours. I'm also surprised that there are different types of watercolour paper with different textures.


I tried the Paint Marker Art Kits too and it's my first time trying out Posca and Molotow markers. Through this experience, I learnt colour exploration and new techniques on how to paint with markers.



Have you ever experienced creative blocks or self-doubt in your own artistic practice? If so, how did you overcome it?


After I graduated from college, I struggled with self-doubt which makes me seldom draw and paint. I was eager to draw again but I did not have the motivation to start drawing. Then, somewhere around November 2021, I stumbled upon Mossery Art Kits and I know that it will be the perfect tool to encourage me to start drawing again. Through the Art Kits, I have started to let go of my perfectionism and slowly embrace self-compassion.


I started to get back into art thanks to the Art Kits. My mind is free when I immerse myself in painting, and I enjoy flipping through my practice workbook, seeing my progress through the finished artwork I've done.



Would you mind sharing any tips or advice for someone who's new to painting and feeling a bit overwhelmed?


It's okay to take a break sometimes. Learn to appreciate and be patient with your small progress, no matter what others think about it.💖


Unleash your hidden creativity with Mossery Art Kits today. Browse through the collection here and rekindle with your creative side today👩🏻‍🎨!


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