As we enter February, it’s time to celebrate the month of love. In the current world where loved ones are kept apart, let’s continue to spread love and gratitude with heartfelt words and sincere actions.


We know circumstances have changed but love has not. Just because we’re separated does not mean the relationships in our lives has changed. After all, love remains as long as we continue to reach out.


In that case, we have prepared a few exciting things in February to encourage you to have fruitful interactions with your loved ones.



First, we added a new collection of stickers for you to enjoy! Made with the With Love, theme in mind, we hope these cute stickers can help communicate your affections clearly.



Moreover, for the first time at Mossery, we created filters! One of which is a cute Smiley filter that changes stickers according to your mood! Click here to try it out!



The other is a little fun twist on our Introspect cards! You can use this new filter and answer which love related question you landed on. Click here and see what you’ll get!


We also prepared a few interactive stories and posts on our Instagram so do stay tuned to @mosseryco for the latest updates and remember to join us!


We hope Mossery can continue to do our part in supporting you on your journey to maintain the connections with the people around you.


How are you celebrating the month of love? Comment below with some planned activities!


We would love to hear what you think about this post.

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