Step into a world where vibrant colours and whimsical doodles merge to celebrate the beauty of joy and imperfections in life. 


As a passionate writer and also lover of pastel colours, @synasaya seamlessly combines her illustrations with poetry and prose. With a deep affection for blending words and art, Nasaya's creations are filled with heartfelt expressions. 


With every stroke and composition, she captures the essence of calmness, inviting viewers to find solace within the intricate details of her illustrations. Read on to unveil her creative process for creating these covers, her challenges and more.



Hi Nasaya! It was a pleasure to collaborate with you for the first time and welcome to Mossery! Please tell us a little bit about yourself.


Hi, I am Nadya a.k.a Nasaya Mafaridik, a self-taught illustrator from Indonesia. I love pastel colours, because it makes everything look sweet. I write a lot and I love to blend it with my illustrations. That’s why you’ll see most of my designs are filled with poems and prose. I write sketchnotes almost every week, using my beloved Mossery notebooks, and I have a separate Instagram account just for this on @summerainotes!






The new covers look aesthetically beautiful, what was the creative process behind the 2 new covers you produced for our first collaboration?  


For Prismatic Soul, I illustrated this with a messy, pretty collage in mind. It features a bunch of sticker-like illustrations to remind us that every day is unique, and a part of our broader journey. I hope whenever someone sees this cover, they will remember to smile because whatever the result is, our efforts will never be futile.


While for Creative Space, this design is inspired by rainbow scratch paper. I thought the act of revealing colours underneath the surface was an interesting concept.



What do you hope people feel or experience when they see your cover design? 


I hope people will realise how beautiful this world is, especially in the morning. So people will be reminded to start everything with intention, especially with writing down and visualising it. 




How do you think art and creativity can impact mental health and well-being?


I often pray for my well-being, but especially for my hands. I had two surgeries on my hands these past two years and when I went through it, I realized just how much I love writing and drawing. There’s not a single day without me using my writing and drawing to calm my very busy mind. I get stressed when I don’t do anything creative.



How does it feel to see your artwork featured on Mossery's products and reach a wider audience?


It’s a mind-blowing experience. I am a Mossery super-fan, I currently own 20 notebooks that I bought with my own money (most of them from my design commissions). I also used a Mossery greeting card as an anniversary card for my husband. You can imagine how it feels. To have my illustration on the product and brand that I love so much–one of my bucket lists as an illustrator is crossed off now!




Can you share any upcoming projects or collaborations that you're excited about?


I plan to make my own book. I already have lots of drafts and sketches, and I hope I can muster enough energy and inspiration, and also bravery to send them to publishers!



What advice do you have for aspiring artists or creators who want to make their mark in the industry? 


Make art that matters to you. Put your heart on your art. Not every art has to be philosophical but I believe in making things that benefit others. Have the bravery to pitch your design because rejection is just - rejection, you are still an artist after all. 




Nasaya is an artist based in Indonesia and you can check out more of her art on Instagram @synasaya


Prismatic Soul and Creative Space Covers are now available for Planners, Notebooks and Sketchbooks so order yours today!


Embrace serenity and find inspiration in the simple joys of life. Browse the collection here



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