Welcome back to the Made By You Interview Series!


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This time, we’ll continue exploring the many ways our diverse community has personalised their Planner, Sketchbook and Notebook spreads, affirming the endless possibilities one can achieve with Mossery books!


Scroll down to read their stories and discover how they all found a safe personal space for self-expression, reflection, and comfort in their books respectively.





Tell us a bit about yourself! What do you do for a living, and what do you like to do?  


I am a full-time English teacher. I teach writing and reading to kids of different age groups.


During my free time, I like to cook, play games, and watch Netflix. I also enjoy learning new things. Recently, I’ve started taking Korean language lessons.



Could you tell us more about why you decided on your covers and personalisations? 


I bought Purnama and Mentari together but for different purposes. I got Purnama for my Twinbook, which I mainly use for work. The weekly vertical layout fits my tasks and meetings perfectly. On the other hand, I use the Mentari Notebook for journaling.


On the Purnama cover, Melur is my nickname among my stage play friends back in Uni, and my name (Yasmine) carries the same meaning as Bunga Melur. I chose Purnama because it fits classic names like mine perfectly.



As for Mentari, Rhee 황후 (Empress) is the username I usually use in games.



What are the ways journaling has helped you in your academics/personal development?  


I am not really the type of person who would write down what I’m feeling on paper. But as time went by, I realised it’s safer to keep your thoughts to yourself. Hence, I chose to keep a journal.


Since I am the type who likes to plan my day, I opted for bullet journaling. That way I could keep both daily planning and journaling in one book.


Ever since I started bullet journaling, I’ve become more productive than before. It helps me plan my day better and works as a personal reminder.


I used to miss out on a few things and tasks because I never jotted them down. But now, I’m able to keep track of my routine, daily tasks, and priorities.




Now that our lives are mostly virtual, how has your notebook usage changed? 


I’m using it more than usual. 


Although all of the meetings and classes are conducted virtually, I would still keep my notebooks by my side to jot down the important notes, tasks and deadlines. Without my notebooks, I couldn’t function properly.





Tell us a bit about yourself! What do you do for a living, and what do you like to do?  


I’m formerly an editor in a Chinese magazine in KL who turned into a freelance columnist. Then, I turned again into a full-time housewife/mom, and now I’m an amateur artist.


I’ve always loved art. I started calligraphy about 5 years ago and found my passion in watercolour along the way. Besides calligraphy and floral paintings, I also draw food illustrations at @shan_meals.



Could you tell us more about a sketchbook feature you like? 


I love the versatility of the pocket design in the front, and thought it’d be fun to transform it into a changeable cover for my sketchbook.



In your opinion, what is the significance of using a physical sketchbook in this digital age? 


So far all my creations are on physical sketchbooks and papers.


The touch of real strokes on paper is irreplaceable. As it is easy to undo and redo with digital art, physical art becomes more valuable. It portrays who the artist really is, and the art you create is forever.



With more time spent indoors, what new things have you learned about yourself through your art? 


Definitely patience! Making art is one of the greatest possessions I have during the pandemic. I gained a lot through creating — it calms me and helps me to stay focused in life.





Tell us a bit about yourself! What do you do for a living, and what do you like to do?  


I’m Stephanie from Malaysia, currently a 2nd year University student studying Kinesiology and a small business owner. 


I’ll be leaving my teens and turning 20 this year! I enjoy journaling, crocheting, listening to and making music, as well as rock climbing. I have many passion projects!



Could you tell us more about why you decided on this cover and personalisation?  


Currently, I have the Shallows Cover personalised with a nickname given to me by my family.


I chose Shallows for my 2020 Planner because it symbolises me wandering in deep waters. Shallows gave me a sense of comfort and reminded me that as I explore deeper waters, I’ll always have a part of myself.




Also, I just ordered a new cover: Fujiyama! As I’ll be travelling overseas for school, this symbolises a new beginning — new land over a rising sun.



When days seem to blend together, how has using a planner helped structure your day-to-day?  


I used to have a lot of guilt where I felt like my days needed to be very productive but as time passes, I’ve accepted my planner as my own little universe.


So, some days I don’t plan anything! I fill the space with my thoughts, journaling my feelings or lyrics to a song I’m currently obsessed with. Sometimes I paint and draw all over the pages, and this makes the planner feel like me.



It seems like you've been using a planner since the age of 12! What have you learned about yourself since you started using a planner daily? 


I think it started with the obsession for 家课簿 (homework planners) in primary school, in which I enjoyed planning and crossing off tasks. But I really got into the fun deco stuff at 15!


I used to make bullet journals with empty notebooks until I finally saved enough for a Mossery book at 17. Never looked back since. Next year will be my 5th year with Mossery!


Over time, I learned that this is more than a planner — it’s an extension of my creativity and how I stay creative even during the most mundane days.


I learned to slot in breaks, reward, and give myself breathers. I learned how I learn best, and that’s by being productive! I also discovered that I’m more creative than I reckon and that challenged me to become better each day.





Tell us a bit about yourself! What do you do for a living, and what do you like to do? 


I’m working as an auditor but my passion has always been in a variety of other things like event management, music, and art. I learnt to be grateful — for what I do and what I love may not coincide for now, but I can still do what I love when I have the time.



Could you tell us more about why you decided on this cover and personalisation? 


My sketchbooks reflect what I’m feeling or going through when I purchase them. So, this cover with my name on it felt most suitable.



How has your art changed since most of life moved indoors?  


Before the pandemic, my art was mainly an outlet for me to express myself and create, much to my joy. But since the pandemic, it also became a source of comfort, peace, and a reminder of the good times I’ve had.


I’d look back on old photos I took during my travels, and sketch the scenery, food, or buildings in those photos. My art and the process involved became more precious to me because it was how I reminded myself of the good times.



What does painting on a physical sketchbook mean to you in this digital age? 


To me, painting and sketching on a physical sketchbook allows me to really immerse myself in the art-making process. Emotions are felt on a deeper level, and there’s more sentimental value when I look back on the pages of my physical sketchbook.


Although this means I don’t have the ‘privilege’ of erasing errors and it is not as easily available online but to me, that makes it all the more special because at the end of the day, my sketchbook is a record of my journey in art, and how that journey is a precious one.


It’s truly fulfilling for us to witness how our community has made Mossery books a part of their fruitful life journey, and a tool for everyone to focus on what matters most — yourself.


Although a good book goes a long way, the true magic is in the hands of its author. We hope our books continue to accompany you as you take control and maximize your potential, day by day.


We’d like to thank @thejasmine.bujo, @shan_script, @stefepedia, @melissa_scribbles for taking the time to answer our questions and share their creative spreads with everyone!


We hope our Made By You Interview Series have inspired everyone to start planning, creating and using your Mossery book, your way.


If you wish to showcase your book or spreads, feel free to share them on Instagram and tag us at @mosseryco. We'd love to share your works with the world!


Thank you to Yameen for the visuals! 



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