In all of us, there is a box, full of mementos that make up our experiences and memories. Over time, we swap out old memorabilia for new ones, finding meaning in new lessons and heartaches—after all, the contents of each person’s box will hardly ever stay the same.


We designed the Personal Pages in our notebooks to be this box for you. We believe that a person’s identity essentially comprises two things: inspirations and beliefs. Our inspirations fuel our curiosity externally in our everyday endeavours, whereas our beliefs are the internal forces that anchor us during uncertain moments.


We broke these two elements down into smaller pieces for you to explore different parts of yourself, and we’ll be bringing you through every section to show how you can reflect on these prompts on a personal level.



These are some of our friends whom we featured on our #CelebratingYou campaign — Connie, Qistina, and Bernard.

With this page, take the first step in being honest with yourself: to ask real questions, to recognise that you are an embodiment of kindness and ambition, to know that you can have self-control and still be more selfless.

Tips: Instead of drawing your self-portrait, try cutting out words or pictures that you feel describes you the best.


 Inspiration Board—Films, Songs, Books, Places

Connie's favourite films.

What we enjoy the most often give us a hint to who we really are. You could be a huge fan of both horror movies and Korean underground rap, or you could be an avid traveller who consumes nothing but graphic novels; only you would know that.

Tips: What's one movie you will recommend everyone to watch?


 Inspiration Board—Words to Live By, Role Models

People who inspire Qistina.

Is it Neil Gaiman’s commencement speech on making good art no matter the situation, a piece of advice from your older brother, or Trevor Noah’s humble and hilarious upbringing? Find out for yourself.

Tips: Who changed the way you view the world?


Priorities, Values & Beliefs

Some of Bernard's life principles.

These will act as a compass in your life, and although they are more anchors and sails than the ever-changing weather, they can evolve over time as well. Make room for yourself to grow into different values through every season of your life.

Tips: Start with simple truths. You’ll find yourself refining them as time passes.


3 Things to Improve, Change, or Achieve

Some of the things I'd personally like to be better at as a whole.

As we’re constantly adapting to new circumstances, it’s only natural that we seek to become better versions of ourselves to tackle these challenges. Waking up with a clear purpose will drive you on wanting to get there.

Tips: Set goals that are realistic but not incredibly specific—grow beyond these perimeters, don't get stuck in it.


Take courage and look at yourself in the mirror today. Who do you see? Write everything down, even though there are things that you want to change, things that never seem to change, and things that might change drastically along the way—keep them all in one place.

You can make adjustments when the time comes. You can worry about that later.


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