How well do you know yourself? Can you say for certain you know all about the ins-and-outs of your daily thoughts? In order to understand others, one must first understand oneself.


After all, how can we expect to know how someone’s mind works when we don’t even know ours? By being more aware of ourselves, it strengthens our sense of identity and purpose.


It’s easy to fall into the comparison trap or limit ourselves due to past experiences, but it’s more important to realise our potential.


Read on for a step by step method that can encourage you to dig deep and embrace all of who you are to better Celebrate You.



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Step 1

Identify the things that make you, you


In our Personal Pages, the first page you’re welcomed to is our Self-Portrait page. With the intention of imploring you to capture yourself on paper, we want to remind you that you are not defined by what you look like.


Aside from the actual self portrait, think about things like


• Your personality traits that are obvious to you

• Include descriptions of the person you aspire to become

• What are some things or routines you practice that link back to your inner character?

Step 2

Create an Inspiration Board


People are complex in their own way and by identifying your inspirations, you can anchor your sense of self. For example,


• What are some meaningful films you’ve watched, or shows that have really stood out to you?

• What types of music do you enjoy, and who are your favourite musicians or composers?

• What are some travels that have left you with stories to tell, or places you look forward to visiting?


As you pen these things down, think about how and why they’ve stuck with you over the years. After that, feel free to add quotes or sayings that have resonated with you on your inspiration board. For example, try thinking about


What are some words you live by?


It doesn’t even have to be profound- maybe it’s a quote you happened to hear over the radio, sayings from your culture or even a. simple phrase your mom mentioned when you were a kid. To go along with this, list down the people who have been role models to you.


How have they contributed to the world?


Think through the leaders, mentors, teachers, coaches, or friends who have positively impacted your life. It can be a long or short list depending on your personal experiences but you get to see how no one exists in a vacuum.

Step 3

List Down your Values and Beliefs


If life is a journey and you’re sailing the seas, what defines every turn you make? By establishing strong values and beliefs, you get to create your own navigation system that would help you when you feel lost or confused.


So don’t be afraid to dig deep and take notice of all the important things you’ve experienced that have moulded you into the person you are today.


Keep note of your thought processes, how it has changed or remained constant throughout the years through asking questions like:


• What are some of the things that work for you that others might disagree with?

• What are the major turning points in your life?

• What have you learnt from them?

• What values do you hold close to your heart and why?

• How do your values and beliefs represent you as a person?

Step 4

Determine Your Goals


Gone are the days of large New Year’s Resolutions, it is more practical to turn them into Daily Resolutions instead. By breaking down your goals into smaller actionable steps, the looming resolutions become absolutely doable.


In our Personal Pages, you can list down three things to improve, change or achieve.


Try using the Objectives & Key Results two step method where you start by setting an Objective like “Being a Better Leader”. Then you can list down your Key Results, which represents how you want to get there.


We hope this step by step tutorial utilizing our Planner can help you realize that the little steps you take to get to know yourself can bring you closer to a peace of mind. No more identity crisis!


How well do you know yourself? Let us know in the comments below or DM us @mosseryco on Instagram!


Thank you to @moodoodles for collaborating with us on the video!


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