Spectrum Threadbound Notebook

Store your passion projects, daily routine, and diary entries in your favourite colours! Embrace the freedom and welcome colours into your life.

$27.00 USD

Spectrum Threadbound Notebook is unavailable

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Mossery Spectrum

Express Yourself

We are not binary, but a spectrum — of fascinating traits and individuality. Whether you express yourself with wacky colour pairings or humble earth tones, experience the freedom of choice by deciding the right colours to match your signature self.

Customise in 3 easy steps

Sugar, spice and everything nice;
Choose your cover, band, and personalise.


Inspirations, Goals, and Values

We designed these pages in the front section so you can explore and build your identity by learning about your interests, inspirations, priorities, and beliefs.

Swipe through to see all of the features available.

Text Paper Options

Up to three text layouts to choose from.

96 sheets | 192 pages


Structure for writing.


Complete freedom.


Flexibility and subtlety.


Paper Quality

Write without a worry—our paper is suitable for most fountain pens, brush pens, ballpoint pens, and micron pens.

193 mm × 146 mm
7.6" × 5.75"
Made in Italy
ISO 9706 - Long Life
pH neutral
ISO 14001 - Environmental Management Standard


Don't worry, the notebook is in its best condition. The detachable feature is actually a design solution thought up by our team.

We chose to leave the spine of the book exposed and separated from the cover so that it can slide and lay flat without damaging the spine of the cover. Try it for yourself!

The Threadbound Notebook comes inclusive of both the Cover Sleeve and the Dotted Notebook. However, we do sell the cover and book separately too!

Refills are now available! You can find them at our Refills page.

Yes, we’re planning to release more cover designs soon. Stay tuned!

We're sorry, but we don’t have plans for that right now.

Yes, you can!

Extra Features

Inside the box

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
A Favourite Companion

Have been eyeing this for quite some time and now that there is a need for it, decided to finally add this notebook to my collection. To my delight, with the spectrum customisation option, I'm now able to pick the colours to fit my personal aesthetics. This, along with my faithful Mossery planner, are now my absolute favourite companions on my desk. Conscious, forward-thinking, enduring, and practical in a way that pushes for mindful living - Mossery has been a part of a meaningful journey for me. What works best for me is the fine quality of the product and the fact that it can used for a longer period of time (detachable + refill is awesome!) compared to other notebooks if you care for it well enough.

I truly look forward to more content and products from this wonderful brand and will always be a faithful fan of Mossery and the brilliant team behind all of this! Also, love the new card that's attached to the gift box!

Misha Chee
The Perfect Gift

Do you know when that look when someone really likes a gift? Wide eyes, an uncontainable smile and a small gasp. This simple notebook brought gave me the pleasure of seeing that. I bought it as a gift and although it's simple, its customization made it personal and meaningful. The book's contents are super cute and the feeling of the cover is an affordable luxury. Customer service was so great too. I needed the book urgently and they helped me readily. They even made a small card for a note I requested to be put with the gift. I'm very satisfied with this purchase and I'll definitely be buying for myself too next time.