With the end of 2021 approaching, we recollected our fondest memories of the year, and found that they’re often the simplest moments— eating with family, chatting with friends, taking a walk with our pets.


This reminds us of the Danish concept of hygge (pronounced: hoo-gah), which is a cosiness that brings about contentment, derived from connecting with simple, everyday joys.


As we trace our steps further, we decided to reconnect with our longtime friend, Mag, from Where’s Gut Studio, and collaborate with them to create something fun yet homely, and carries the hygge sentiment.



The result? Familiar festive elements combined with a fresh, exciting colour palette, eager to bring people back together with the wishes they wrap within— Our 2021 gift box, The Gift of You.



What’s more, they’ve created a set of gift tags, wrapping paper, washi tape and cards to accompany the box!


Read on to learn more about the design process, inspiration, challenges they faced and more—



Hello, it’s great to have you all back! It’s been quite some time since our last collaboration. How about you introduce yourself to our new readers, and tell us how you’ve been lately?


Hey I’m Mag from Where’s Gut Studio and yeah our last collaboration was in 2018. It feels good to be working together again!



This gifting season, you designed an entire gift set for us, including a gift box, wrapping paper, masking tape, gift tags and cards! Could you walk us through your design process?


The first idea that came about was to reconnect with the people we care about through gifting, and nothing beats a physical gift to our loved ones. So we came out with a whole set of collaterals to create a warm gifting experience.



What are the ups and downs you’ve experienced during the process? Were there new creative discoveries you’ve made along the way?


The difficult part is to come up with a visual set that tells a good story of the concept, but once we figured out a way to convey the message, the process is smooth and fun! And we love the cats and dogs in the visual, haha.



Rich with familiar Christmas elements and prints of fluorescent pink, the new gift set collaterals truly sparked our festive spirit! What is the inspiration behind your design concept?


Imagine an intimate Christmas gathering next to a fireplace — these are the elements that connect us to the festive season, spending time with our family and friends. We wanted the customers and gift recipients to feel the same.



What do you hope our customers, or the recipients of their gifts, will feel upon receiving the items in the special gift set?


We hope that they feel the care and attention put into the details of the gifts, the special messages that warm their hearts and inspire them to reach out to their loved ones more.



What would you say is your studio’s distinctive style?


We practice design through strategic storytelling to achieve practical solutions that are timeless and engaging. Styling is not the key in the design process but often our design solutions are clean, straightforward and graphical.


We think smart, practical design should be simple and impactful.



Around the time of our last collaboration, Where’s Gut has just officially established. How has the studio grown throughout these past few years?


The team has grown bigger, we have more designers and a project manager now. It’s a learning process and there’s more space to grow but our studio culture of being explorative and making thoughtful designs remain the same.



Do you have any exciting future projects that we can look forward to?


We will be participating in KL Art Book Fair this December so the team will be coming out with some fun, self-initiated projects. See you there!



Do you have any words of advice for young designers who might be struggling to follow their gut and take that big leap they’ve always wanted to in their career?


Always follow your gut feeling, there’s always learning opportunities and no harm in trying! Be honest to yourself and do not force yourself to do something you are unwilling or unhappy to do.



With the huge wave of emerging creative businesses and platforms we’re seeing nowadays, what do you think are some of the opportunities and challenges presented for design practitioners in the industry?


With the ever-changing landscape of design, opportunities are everywhere but the challenge is to stand out. The only way to do so is to produce thoughtful designs that are genuinely bringing positive impact to the people and surrounding communities.


So, where is Gut right now?


Still experimenting, exploring & having fun (:




Where’s Gut Studio is a graphic design studio named after their cat, Gut. They are based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. You can find more of their works on their Instagram here and on their website here


For every Mossery book purchased, you will receive this limited edition gift box! To learn more about our Gift Box, click here.


You will also receive the Gift Tags and Gift Set with purchases above $30 USD and $60 USD respectively. Learn more about this here!


With the gifting season around the corner, order your gifts today to make sure your loved ones receive them before the holidays end!


Remember to send us an unboxing video on Instagram @mosseryco so we can share it with the world! 


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