The Everyday Girl

The girl who is frolicking in the meadows, laughing as she is covered in dirt and sweat.

The girl who is sitting by the pool, bopping to the rhythm of a song with her eyes closed.

The girl who is lying in bed, crying as she feels an immense hope for her child.

Whimsigirl sees Everyday Girls everywhere. As a clothing brand focused on inclusivity, they design unique apparel that draws inspiration from the Everyday Girls—each full of grace, beautiful, strong, comfortable, and most importantly, free to be whoever they want to be. Because being yourself should be effortless and liberating. 

We’ve known the Whimsigirl team—Syaz, Sara, and Anis—back when we were only a two-person team selling our products at weekend art markets. It really has come full circle for both of our brands to collaborate at our more matured stages, though we admit we still have so much to learn. Find out how our philosophies align, as well as discover the process behind designing these new cover designs!

Knitted to purpose, values, and principles

Simple, functional, timeless. Driven by the same principles, it was easy for us to connect the dots when Whimsigirl approached us about a possible collaboration. Because of our similar values and beliefs, we also felt the kinship that resonated between us, which drew us into the collaboration with ease as we braced each challenge together.

In a hyperconnected era, where millions of brands co-exist, it’s often difficult to find one that goes beyond their products or vibrant visuals. On the contrary, that also means it’s easy to tell when a brand gives their best in everything they do. It’s evident in everything Whimsigirl does—from their campaigns to the seams in their shirts.

As we collaborated, they showed us patience, craftsmanship, and thoughtfulness in every step of the way. Challenges are always part of a great deal, but we overcame them with gladness and joy in our hearts. Everything was especially worth it when we laid eyes on the final designs! 



Behind the design — inspired by rocks and minerals

“Every Woman like every vase is a work of art and unique. Both are deep and naturally serve as life-giving vessels that nurture. No two are ever the same. Every single one is perfectly imperfect - just like you.”

This was the primary inspiration behind four of the new cover designs—Amber, Jade, Pink Clay, and Sandstone. Inspired by rocks and minerals, we were fascinated by how every element always had a different look, quality, and even personality. We strived to create designs that depicted the same kind of differences.

Hear from the team themselves! We asked them some questions about the brand and the collaboration, here’s what they had to say:


Tell us a little bit about the Whimsigirl brand. 

We design and produce easy, comfortable, and timeless classics for everyday girls. Whimsigirl is the Everyday Girl’s trusted best friend, the one who puts her needs first. We believe that looking and feeling good should be simple because looking your best shouldn’t take a lot of your time and energy - it should be effortless. We design with content and purpose, helping everyday girls be the best version of themselves.


What was the inspiration behind the four cover designs? 

They were inspired by earth's natural rocks elements: the different shapes, size, and colours that we witness in porcelain, ceramic, terrazzo, sand, stone, etc. These elements form the structural foundation of everything. The differences and strength in these elements reflect the same qualities in each Everyday Girl. And at the core of it, the Everyday Girls form the true foundation of Whimsigirl. 



You coined the term 'Everyday Girl.' Tell us more about that. 

The Everyday Girl makes up a community of everyday women; the girl sitting across from you at work, the girl in your spin class, the mom rushing to drop their kids off at school as they rush to work, the square-peg-in-round-hole-females, and all the girls that are a constant work-in-progress — all perfectly imperfect.



What is Whimsigirl's brand philosophy? 

We provide tools and solutions to help women live their best lives everyday.

Tell us a secret. 

We have insecurities just like everyone else! But instead of treating it as a weakness, we leverage it and turn it into fuel to do better.



We’re proud to share with you that these covers are now available as 2020 Planners and Twinbooks—head on over to Whimsigirl’s website to purchase yours today!


Photos by @whamonster and @elliholi


Posted 28 November 2019 at 09:48 by Iylham Yushaak

To my 5th Yearly Planner, the Mossery Team, I would like to express my gratitude for showing up— producing great quality of design and most of all, paper! Something that people/producers often overlooked. I have successfully used it time and time again and for those who knows me, knows I am an avid planner user. I love how it is simple, quality and durable.

To my fav fuss-free, with intention of a clothing brand, Whimsigirl— thank you for this collaboration. You guys are match made in heaven (my kind of heaven) and hell, I can’t wait to start 2020 with new clothes and planner.

Keep on doing you, i gotchu.

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