With a style that resembles classic manga forms, Kemas' works are heavily influenced by Japanese mangas as well as Indonesian folklore elements. He uses bright colours in many of his works, often depicting strange creatures and monsters alongside human beings, creating a rather stark contrast between subject matter as well as the vibrant colour choice. 


Read on to learn more about Kemas and his working process.


What / who do you draw inspiration from the most?

Animated movies and my daily life surroundings.

What mediums do you prefer to use and why?

Copic markers, watercolour, and gouache. I use mixed media most of the time. Because it gives me more details and I see it as a challenge to try something new for myself as well.

How would you describe the Mossery Sketchbook to others?

Its paper quality is good for my chosen media and almost any other medium.


Tell us about your favorite place to find inspiration. Also, do you have a muse of sorts?

Coffee shop. Hayao Miyazaki and my Mom.

Do you believe in talent?

No. Because I believe if a person doesn't practice his/her skill, their talent will be gone.

What is this obsession with Ultraman? Tell us more about why this little Japanese hero is always appearing in your artworks.

Firstly, he is one of the first tokusatsu (a Japanese term for live-action film or television drama that makes heavy use of special effects) I remember watching from my childhood memories. Kamen Rider and Super Sentai are also played a big part of my childhood. I took the opportunity to edit my photos in Japan then combined it with these superhero figures to make it more authentic.

You also have a tendency to use incredibly bright and vibrant colours in your works. Is there a reason why? How does that reflect your personality as an artist?

Because I am a cheerful person, maybe. With bright and vibrant colours, I feel that I could make people enjoy the same cheerful feeling I tried to create.


What advice would you give to your younger self?

"Don't underestimate yourself, be confident."

If you’re given only one word to describe yourself, what word would it be and why?

Focus. Because when I start something, I'll finish it.

Tell us a secret.

I was once the vocalist of a rock ‘n roll band.


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