Magical creatures or not, Melina’s gentle-spirited illustrations drew us in with little effort, often with a story waiting to unfold. Join us as we find out a little bit more about the artist behind these whimsical pieces.



Where do you draw inspiration from?

The small, simple things of my surroundings catch my attention the most and inspire me in many ways. My walks back home never end without a new idea for an illustration or feeling energised to create. 

How did you develop this keen sense of observation? 

I lived at the edge of a little town at the countryside, and the meadows and forests in our area were our only playgrounds, so we had to make the most of the little things that were offered to us. 

What mediums do you prefer to use?

As much as I love my graphite and coloured pencils, especially the soft ones, I can’t leave my fingers off gouache paints and wax crayons. I really enjoy how all these different mediums interact with each other on different layers! The biggest struggle for me while working with them? Smudging. We all know it. 



How would you describe the Mossery Sketchbook to others?

It’s perfect for people who enjoy working with paints on the go, in a park, cafés, and travels! The cover protects your drawings, it has a lot of space for scribbles, doodles, ideas, and offers paper that’s perfect for fiddling with mediums of all kind.

Tell us about your creative process—what is it like from start to finish?

I usually start by trying out different compositions with graphite on paper. Then I take a photo, edit it digitally, transfer it on paper, and start colouring it. 

What is your earliest memory of creating art?

When I was three, I really enjoyed drawing chubby ponies, princesses, and castles on my father’s cutting mat on his desk. He sure was delighted.



Do you believe in talent? Why?

I don’t believe in talent, but in passion and dedication. 

How do you handle criticism, and what are some of the toughest challenges you've encountered?

I am always thankful for constructive criticism since my own eyes can’t always see what others can. The toughest challenge in my artistic career is making the people around me take me and my job seriously.

How did you do that?

It was tough, and just ignoring the people around me was even tougher. I didn’t really give them any choice but to accept the path I had taken. 



What’s one of the best advice you’ve ever received in life?

Live and learn!

In return, what advice would you give to your younger self?

Do not worry about the things you do not have under control. 

If you’re given only one word to describe yourself, what word would it be?


Tell us a secret.

Back when I was in school, I would sometimes leave my class for a bit to play the piano in our exam hall. 


You can follow Melina on Instagram and personalise your very own Mossery Sketchbook here.


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