Learn to Create

Learn to create with Mossery Art Kits — an all-in-one curated guide creatively crafted by professional artists.

Taking the First Step to Creativity

As artists, we understand how intimidating art can be. A blank page, a new medium, and unfamiliar tools.

Learning Different Styles & Mediums

Find your own style and learn new mediums and techniques from professional artists.

Introducing Mossery Art Kits

A guided experience from start to finish, art kits are a thoughtfully curated all-inclusive experience for anyone getting started.

Art Tools & Merchandise

Guided and Curated
by Artists

Premium High Quality
Art Tools

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From the Creators

Sibylline Meynet

“I do think we are all creative, too. I’m pretty sure we all have this little artist sparkle inside of us!”

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“I challenge people to step out of their comfort zones and try some of those mediums in different ways [...]”

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“Ideally, I hope they’ll just enjoy painting without being afraid to make mistakes [...] you cannot learn without making mistakes all the time.

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Inez Tan

“A new form of relaxation through writing... Like meditation but with a pen and nib.”

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Plate to Paper

“I’m hoping that users won’t feel pressured to paint in the same style, because there is actually a lot of room for experimentation

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Tom Haugomat

“I hope that they'll have fun overlapping colours with the Molotow Paint Markers, and that my composition tips will help them desacralise painting.

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Angela Pan

“If you are just starting out, don’t be scared of failing or not being considered “successful” [...]

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Full Art Kits are inclusive of premium art tools whereas Mini Art Kits do not include tools.

Everyone — whether you’re a beginner, simply interested in art or even a professional, these Art Kits were created to introduce you to the many mediums and styles they are out there!

A personally artist crafted guidebook and workbook, artist merchandise such as art prints, stickers and greeting cards, optional high quality tools, a Mossery sketchbook and cover.

No, however the Art Kits are available without the tools under the option ‘Mini Art Kits (without tools)’.

No, as all Art Kits are pre-packed. Therefore, items included in the Art Kits cannot be changed.

The price of the Art Kits are inclusive of high quality curated tools & materials, artist merchandise, and personally artist crafted guidebook and workbook. WIth every Art Kit, you’re supporting an artist’s artwork and career!

Yes, our Guidebooks and Workbooks are crafted to be detailed and beginner-friendly.

The weight of each Art Kit varies between 2kg — 2.5kg