Angela Pan Paint Marker Art Kit: Second Edition


Experience the sights of the world with Angela Pan with this 2nd edition Art Kit, as she becomes your tour guide through painting breath-taking architecture and scenic wonders.

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Mossery × Angela Pan

Sights of the World

From the calming beauty of Japan’s countryside sceneries to mesmerising skylines of Paris & Manhattan. Journey with Angela Pan as you embark on your own creative journey through these cover selection.

Angela's Pick
260gsm Paint Marker Paper

Paint Marker Practice Workbook

Learn Paint Markers with Angela

Through Angela’s articulate guidance of mastering paint markers, create vivid illustrations with the best tools and techniques.

See inside

Explore a different approach to painting with markers

Learn how to blend colours and create seamless gradients with paint markers.

Capture evocative sceneries with captivating colors

Understand the color wheel and create interesting color palettes, produce different tones, and bring a place on paper to life.

Curated Art Tools

Handpicked by Angela Pan

Skip the decision fatigue and have the best art tools already chosen for you by Angela to kickstart your paint marker journey.

*Art Tools are not included in the Mini Art Kit.

15 colours:
PC1M White
PC1M Black
PC3M Light Pink
PC3M Sky Blue
PC3M Red
PC3M Green
PC3M Light Green
PC3M Pastel Green (Aqua Green)
PC3M Yellow
PC3M Bright Yellow
PC3M Light Orange
PC3M Pastel Purple (Lavender)
PC3M Violet
PC3M Brown
PC5M Light Blue

Size 01 - Black

Staedtler Mars Lumograph 100 HB

Staedtler Mars Plastic Premium quality eraser

MT Washi Tape 15 mm - Emerald

Angela Pan Paint Marker Art Kit

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Grace Ho
Super satisfied

I've loved Angela's work since a long time ago and was previously gifted her first art kit from my bf (and I've completed that alr). Super stoked when I saw the release of her second kit <3. Immediately purchased and love the drawings as always. Will def support future kits from Angela!!


There are so many great illustrations in the workbook! I'm so excited to complete them all. Everything was of such great quality! These are my new favorite art medium and sketchbooks right now!

Gwen Riemenschneider
Great Starter Kit

Got my order a few days earlier than when they said was going to get it. The art inside is beautiful, very inspiring as I started. I like how the workbook starts simple and then builds more and more.


What a stunning little kit. I received my kit quickly ( 5 days to get to Canada!), it was beautifully packaged, and each item is just beautiful. The workbook contains even more pages and exercises than I expected it to and the guidebook has lots of great advice and lessons. The notebook paper quality is beautiful- the paper is smooth and glossy, almost like cardstock. This was a big splurge for me but I'm happy I did it!