Moondance Art Print


The Moonboys parade across the universe, leaving trails of stardust and moonbeams — galaxy’s most cherished painting.

I painted this to reflect on my journey in creating @somethingstokeep. It is going to be over 4 years soon (or is it 5?) since I first created my first enamel pin and unofficially started @somethingstokeep.

I never thought it'll grow into one of my proudest thing I've done! It has been quite the journey, paved with hardwork, sweat and tears. But I'm so happy and grateful for all the support and I cannot wait to create more things for you to keep!

Shown here is the mascot called the Moonboys! A set of plumpy brothers featuring the Moon phases and a set of other characters and designs taken from the world I've drawn for somethingstokeep.

$15.00 USD

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Border Height Width


Height: 7" / 177.8mm
Width: 9" / 228.6mm
Border: 0.5" / 12.7mm
Height: 11" / 279.4mm
Width: 14.5" / 368.3mm
Border: 0.5" / 12.7mm
Height: 17.5" / 444.5mm
Width: 23" / 584.2mm
Border: 1" / 25.4mm

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Moondance Art Print by @somethingstokeep

  • Artwork dimensions: 40 x 50 inches
  • Print dimensions: 42 x 52 inches

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