Sibylline Meynet Gouache Art Kit: Second Edition


French illustrator, Sibylline Meynet, answers all your questions about gouache as she guides you through the painting process and techniques using her favourite art tools.

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Extend Your Colour Palette

Add Sibylline's Signature Autumn Palette to your Art Kit!

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Mossery × Sibylline Meynet

Seasonal Covers

Sibylline Meynet paints to bring her musings of the femininity to life. Personified as every season of the year, which muse would you pick? Which season represents you the most?

Sibylline's Pick
300gsm Watercolour Paper

Second Edition
Gouache Practice Workbook

Learn Painting with Sibylline

Join Sibylline on a journey of learning the ins-and-outs of gouache, along with her painting tips and techniques.

See inside
Curated Art Tools

Handpicked by Sibylline

Have the best art tools chosen for you by Sibylline to kickstart your gouache journey.

*Art Tools are not included in the Mini Art Kit.

20ml Tubes (10 colours):
D011 Shell Pink
D012 Vermilion
D033 Deep Yellow
D041 Light Apricot
D072 Blue Green
D092 Ultramarine Deep
D100 Light Blue
D131 Burnt Sienna
D151 Titanium White
D193 Primary Black

Mini // Round (Size 0)
Long // Round (Size 2)
Filbert (Size 8)

5" 7-well Flower Palette

Pentel Orenz Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm - Metal Grip
Pentel 0.5mm HB Lead Refill

Colour selected randomly by our team to match the Art Kit

Premium quality eraser

200mm x 145mm
Selected art prints by Sibylline

108mm x 140mm
Includes 4 envelopes

180mm x 130mm
Each sticker sheet comes with 22 stickers

Sibylline Meynet Gouache Art Kit

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Meghann Ganis

Very satisfied with the products overall

Sabrina N

I was so excited to receive my box and I was not disappointed! A beautiful kit with thoughtful instructions, wonderful quality paints & brushes, and gorgeous prints. I cannot recommend it enough to anyone who is looking to try out gouache.

Love it!

I received this art kit as a birthday present and it’s perfect! I love the color selection of the gouache and the tools it comes with. I enjoy learning tricks like how to mix colors from the workbook. I wish the workbook has more explanations because it was really fascinating. The delivery, although costly, was fast and efficient :)

Adela Jasarovic
Nice selection of items

The art box is really helpful if you never tried acrylic gouache before, you have everything you need to start and learn about the medium.


Great value - full of so many beautiful pieces of artwork and the workbook itself is very helpful in honing gouache skills! I've done the first third at this point and have already seen a huge improvement.