Love is not out there somewhere, it begins with one's own self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-care. It means prioritising and nurturing one's emotional and mental well-being, rather than seeking validation and fulfilment from external sources. 


Love is an inside job. It starts from within you.



Self-acceptance and self-awareness are closely related concepts that play a crucial role in an individual's overall well-being and happiness.

Self-awareness involves gaining an understanding of one's thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, and how they impact oneself and others. This awareness allows individuals to identify their strengths, weaknesses, and areas to improve.

Self-acceptance builds upon this awareness by allowing individuals to embrace their flaws and imperfections without judgement or criticism.

When we begin to understand them better, we can slowly actualise them. The journey begins by taking small steps every day and staying dedicated to yourself.

Scroll down and discover how Mossery Notebook and Introspect can help you to journal your thoughts.



According to the American Psychological Association, expressive writing such as journaling reduces intrusive and avoidant thoughts about negative events and improves working memory. These improvements, researchers believe, may in turn free up our cognitive resources for other mental activities, including our ability to cope more effectively with stress.

Reflect on daily experiences: Write about what happened throughout the day, including events, conversations, and emotions. This will help you gain insight into your thoughts and feelings, and how they impact your behaviour.

Practice gratitude: Write down things you are thankful for, no matter how small they may seem. This exercise can help shift your focus to the positive aspects of your life, promoting self-acceptance.

This will get you used to the habit of conscious reflection and allow you to be able to understand your subconscious processes better. With this, you can move to more critical reflection.

Identify patterns: Keep track of recurring thoughts and emotions. This can help you recognize patterns and areas that need improvement, leading to increased self-awareness.

Explore self-doubt: Write about instances where you felt self-doubt or negative self-talk. This can help you identify the root cause of these thoughts and work towards changing negative thought patterns.

Practice self-compassion: Write down positive affirmations or reminders of your own self-worth. This can help promote self-acceptance and counteract negative self-talk.

Recognising the importance, we have worked on creating tools that help, including habit trackers in our planners and our self-care journaling series.

Journaling can be the start of a better you and we hope to be part of your journey. Starting simple is the key to not getting burnt out by the process.



In conclusion, self-awareness and self-acceptance are critical components of personal growth and well-being. Journaling can be an effective tool for promoting both, as it provides a space for individuals to reflect on their thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Through journaling, individuals can gain insight into their emotions, beliefs, and patterns of behaviour, leading to increased self-awareness. Additionally, journaling can promote self-acceptance by allowing individuals to embrace their flaws and imperfections without judgement or criticism.

By achieving self-awareness and self-acceptance, individuals can experience a greater sense of self-love, peace, and fulfilment. They can also make better decisions, establish healthier relationships, and lead more fulfilling lives. So, if you're looking to cultivate self-awareness and self-acceptance, consider incorporating journaling into your self-care routine. With its many benefits, journaling can be a powerful tool for personal growth and well-being.



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