Amidst the inky blackness, it is often in the darkest canvas that we see the brightest colours, bursting forth in vivid hues, reminding us that light can always be found in the shadows.


Experience the Technicolour dream in Nova and Neon Night, as the sky comes alive with flickering colours that stand the test of time.


Relive childhood memories in the beauty of nature, where rich colours and textures flow through Evergreen and Shroom.


Explore the world vividly through the eyes of Autumn Chiu, comfortably known as @artchiu, as she experiments with colour and textures, igniting the spark of childhood wonder in each piece.


Read more to learn about Artchiu, her creative process, her take on finding her art style, and much more!



Hi Autumn! We are so excited to be collaborating with you for the first time and welcome to Mossery! Please tell us a little bit about yourself.


It’s been such an honor to work with you all! I’m a Chinese American artist from Pittsburgh. I currently run a print/sticker shop called w0nkk0 with my husband! I’ve been drawing since I was a wee babe and have always loved playing with colors and textures.



The new covers look astronomically beautiful, what was the creative process behind the 4 new covers you produced for our first collaboration?


I wanted to exemplify all of the things I love in art - glowy, bright colors, dark backgrounds, nature, and lots of texture! Once that was settled, I got to sketching. I did a few different thumbnails and then just went straight to drawing. I worked traditionally for most of the art with colored pencils and watercolors but finished up digitally.



Two of the new covers have striking visuals with bright hues against a dark backdrop. Is there a story that you went for while creating these covers?


I’ve been drawing things like this for quite a while. I’m deeply fascinated by stars and the night sky. These bursts of color against a sea of dark is representative of that for me.



As Evergreen and Shroom have a different vibe than Nova and Neon Night, with a more nature-inspired feeling, we were curious to know if there was a story behind the creation of these pieces.


Nature has always played a huge role in my art. Those covers are inspired by the times I would crawl through the backyard of my parent's house with my sisters. There was a particular bush that towered over us as kids, so we would hide under the branches. I remember the distinct shapes the leaves against the sky made above us while contemplating whether or not fairies really did live under the caps of mushrooms.



How does it feel like to have your art being loved widely? And how does that impact you today?


Honestly, it’s quite weird. I’m just scribbling away in sketchbooks - experimenting with any idea that pops into my head. It’s overwhelming, but often I feel encouraged to do my best.



You mentioned that you struggled in finding your no-style art style and had self doubt with your art. How have you grown since then and what are some of the things that you’ve done to help you on this journey so far?


I still deal with self doubt, and I’m certain this is a natural part of the artistic process. Over the last few years, I’ve longed for the feeling of being a kid drawing fanart and feeling proud of each and every doodle I created. That sense of child-like carefree art making is what I’m striving to hit. To do this, keeping a sketchbook has been the best practice for me. Have one specifically that you don’t share with anyone - scribble, play, do studies, make ugly art in it! Having a pressure-free space is so important.



As an artist, what is next in store for your future creative journey? What are your hopes and wishes for your future self as an artist?


In truth, my goal is simple: feel fulfilled and have fun. I am hopeful that I’ll feel a growing comfort in the work I create.



Many beginners often feel pressured by the expectations of others. What would you say to those who want to learn but deal with that pressure of being perfect/good?


We’ve all been there! I genuinely believe that all it takes to be “good” at art is to do the things that make your brain go “I LOVE this!” It’s a hard mindset to switch to if you’re used to listening to the expectations of those around you. Whenever you hear the little self doubt worm wiggle into your mind, try and remind yourself that your art is yours to dictate. Sincerely, I think that if you want to be an artist, all you need is the will to do it.



We noticed that you have tried a variety of sketchbooks in the past. Have you used a Mossery sketchbook before? Can you describe the features you consider essential in a sketchbook?


Oh yeah, I’ve definitely used Mossery before. In fact, I have two on my desk as we speak! The refills are what’s essential. I love having beautiful covers by artists I admire but the refills allow me to create without worry of “ruining” it! Plus eco-friendly!



We also wanted to congratulate you on the projects you did over the years; creating your own sketchbook, art prints and stickers! How do you feel about the many projects you’ve done and the art you’ve made?


I feel pretty excited! I like to think that little-me would be so shocked and proud of where future-her is. When I was a kid, I dreamed of being a fulltime artist. It’s self-affirming!



For those aspiring artists who want to start their own small business selling their art, what is your advice to them?


Don’t put all of your eggs into one basket. Try everything and anything to promote yourself. Most importantly, if you find yourself feeling too much pressure, take some time for your child-self and draw with reckless abandon.


These beautiful and radiant Covers — Nova, Neon Night, Evergreen, and Shroom are now available for Planners, Notebooks, Sketchbooks, and Twinbooks.


Browse the extended collection here !



Posted 06 March 2023 at 09:51 by Sandra

I love learning about an artist’s process. These designs are beautiful!

Posted 06 March 2023 at 09:50 by Sandra

I love learning about an artist’s process. These designs are beautiful!

Posted 06 March 2023 at 09:51 by Kate


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