A moment between two people captured in writing and tucked safely in between the fold of a greeting card, we welcome you to celebrate every occasion in life.


We are happy to introduce Personalised Greeting Cards! To kickstart this series, we approached the talented, Bea Vaquero to be part of its first Artist Collaboration.


She has designed 16 vibrant and fun greeting cards suited for different themes and occasions, waiting to sent off into the hands of your loved ones. 


Read on to learn more about the artist, her art style and more



Hello Bea, it’s so nice to be able to work with you! How about a quick self-introduction to kickstart this interview?


Hi! I'm an illustrator from Barcelona, Spain and I'm now based in Melbourne. I've always had a passion for drawing, and I obtained a degree in graphic design before specializing in illustration.



We just love your Greeting Card designs! How was your experience in creating them?


Thank you! I enjoyed working on them very much. This was a dream job of mine for a long time.


Getting an assignment in which the main goal is to translate very global human concepts into illustrations allowed my imagination to run wild. It gave me a sense of infinite possibilities.



What do you hope that our customers would feel from buying these Greeting Cards with your designs on them?


I hope they feel the warmth and joy behind the illustrations and that they can share them with their loved ones. The color palette for the whole collection is very vivid and joyful, and this makes the cards stick out a lot.



Who would you send a Greeting Card to right now? Choose one design from the 16 you created!


I'd send a friendship card to my friends in Barcelona. Specifically, the one where there are two people on top of a hill looking at the sky. I love that one.


I miss my friends very much, and since the COVID pandemic, there's not much certainty about when we'll be able to fly abroad. Sending them a card would be a great way to make me feel closer to them.



We love how clean and vibrant your art style is! How has it evolved throughout the years?


It's been a long ride. When I was younger, I aimed to learn how to draw things in a more figurative way, trying to perfect the shapes and making accurate body proportions that would look more similar to reality.


But as the years went by, I kept evolving my style towards something more personal, with more unique perspectives and compositions that only exist in my imagination.



How much of your life do you think is reflected in your artwork?


I like to think that my illustrations are a vehicle to capture the hidden magic of everyday life. So there's a lot of simple and quotidian elements in them, but just with a twist that makes you discover something new, or a new way of seeing them.



We notice you do animation as well! Could you tell us more about it?


Oh, I wish I could call myself an animator. I also work as a storyboarder and illustrator for a video agency, and I learned a bit of After Effects and TVpaint, but just the basics.


I've also made some frame-by-frame animations with a lot of trial and error. I'd like to keep learning and perfecting my animation knowledge in the future. 



Could you share with us your sources of inspiration that might surprise us?


Since we've been on lockdown for some months, nowadays, lots of my inspiration comes from the usual places on the Internet, like Behance, Dribbble, Pinterest, or Instagram.


I get inspired by graphic design pieces where the composition is interesting, by interior design where the combination of colors is vibrant, by typography shapes that are fresh, and illustrations from very talented artists.



Do you have any words of wisdom for aspiring artists out there?


My opinion is that any creative career is a long-distance run. It takes time and patience to evolve your style, to perfect your craft, or to learn about the business side of things in order to make a career.


At the same time, this is what makes it exciting, because you'll never get bored by doing the same thing and there'll be new exciting challenges. You'll always keep on learning.



Trivia question! If you could be anywhere in the world right now, pandemic-free and all your responsibilities are taken care of, where would you be?


Without any doubt, I'd be enjoying the summer in Barcelona with my family and friends. I'd be happy to have a seafood paella by the sea with them.


Bea Vaquero is an illustrator from Barcelona, Spain and is now residing in Melbourne. You can find her on Instagram here and her website here.


Our new Greeting Cards collection are now available and shipping worldwide! 


We hope you enjoy these wonderful designs and find just the right one to send to someone special.


If you receive a Greeting Card in the mail, make sure send us a video at @mosseryco on Instagram so that we can share it with the world!


We would love to hear what you think about this post.

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