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Be a part of our fifth Artist Collaboration of the year with Jackson Joyce who has designed two covers for us, Daydream, and Dandelion.


Read on for our exclusive interview with the artist and get inspired—



Hi Jackson, could you tell us a bit about yourself?


I’m a painter and illustrator from Louisiana, currently working in Brooklyn, New York.


Your cover designs are beautiful! What was the thought process behind their conception?


I wanted to take a contemporary approach to the idyllic landscape painting. After quarantine, painting a figure walking outside sort of took on a new meaning. 



What do you hope that our customers would feel from buying this cover design?


Sketchbooks and notebooks have always been a source of comfort to me. I’ve carried one with me my whole life. It’s a place to archive life’s experiences and sort through ideas.


Journaling can be a retreat from the real world. The covers I designed are symbolic of that feeling, and I hope whoever buys the notebooks feels that same comfort I’ve found in my notebooks.



Your art has an inherent cinematic feel to it. How often do you pair your illustrations with stories?


My work always has an ambiguous narrative. Sometimes it is a specific story, and other times it invites interpretation from the viewer.


We love how your work seems to center around everyday life. Is there a reason you choose to paint the mundane?


So much of life is mundane, it seems like the most honest subject!



Do you find it more difficult to illustrate within set guidelines or freehand your designs?


My favourite paintings I've done have been in my sketchbook, totally unplanned. It is hard to recreate the immediacy I like in my sketches.


Have you ever thought of pursuing another artistic venture?


I love to cook!



Could you share with us your sources of inspiration that might surprise us? 


I love looking at old animation cels and backgrounds. Some of the most beautiful paintings move at 24 frames-per-second.


Do you have any words of wisdom for aspiring artists out there?


Make the work you are excited about! It’s so much harder than it sounds.



Trivia question! Since your art has a cinematic quality to it, could you tell us your favourite film and why?


Hard to say what is my favourite film, but I recently watched Paris, Texas (1984) and was inspired by it’s landscapes and compositions. I took lots of screengrabs.


Jackson Joyce is an artist from Louisiana currently working in Brooklyn. You can find his Instagram @jackson.e.joyce and his website here.


Our new covers, Daydream and Dandelion are now available for Planners, Notebooks, and Sketchbooks.


Be part of the surreal. 


What do you think of our new covers? Do you feel like you're in a movie? We can't wait to see what you do with them. Remember to tag us with your unboxing clip @mosseryco on Instagram so we can share it!


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