Here you are, reaching the end of your project or assignment. You have worked incredibly hard for what seems like an endless amount of time and you’re down to the last few days before your deadline.


However, your energy is starting to deplete and there is just this one hurdle left, how can you overcome it?


From our personal experiences of what worked best, we decided to share our little tips and tricks that helped us power through the last lap so let’s start!


Tip 1

Make sure to get enough sleep


Having a sufficient amount of sleep often works like magic. In fact, a 20 minute power nap can have you waking up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day! However, try to avoid sleeping for too long though!


After all, too much of a good thing turns into a bad thing as it may cause you to become overly drowsy and unable to focus when you are awake.



Set the foundation of your last lap right by using our Habit Tracker! That way you can make sure to get ample amounts of sleep every night to tackle whatever you are working on.


Tip 2

Prepare healthier drinks or snacks


When working through the grind, it is useful to have some incentives or pick-me-ups! However, treating yourself has to have some moderation too. Try to avoid overly sugary snacks or highly caffeinated drinks as rewards!


Although it might boost your energy levels for a short period of time, you will soon discover that the caffeine or sugar crash will leave your productivity less to be desired.



Instead, choose healthier snacks like nuts or fruits that will give you something to munch on. Tea is also a great alternative for caffeine.


The way caffeine works in tea is more stable compared to the caffeine highs you experience from coffee or soda! Not to mention, it’s also a great way to drink in some relaxation.


Tip 3

Plan your last lap well


Another useful tip to keep you going for just a little longer is to visualise how you will finish this last lap.


• How many hurdles are there?

• What concrete steps can you take to overcome these obstacles?

• How do you start and how long will it take?


By visualising and planning your steps, you can then schedule them according to the timeline you have.



Using our Planner will come in handy in structuring your thoughts and seeing the bigger picture! You will be surprised at how proper planning helps calm down all the chaos from that approaching deadline!


Tip 4

Remember to take breaks!


Now, depending on the amount of time you have left before the deadline approaches, it is tempting to just go all out.


However, we will encourage you not to! After you have planned out your timeline and schedule as we suggested above, remember to add in breaks as well!


From the aforementioned 20 minute nap to even just a walk after a certain amount of work has been done, it can help loosen you up to get work done even faster!



Remember that you are not a machine and that you have done all the work so far! Just a little more than you will reach your destination.


So once you have done all that and managed to complete your project, congratulations! Be sure then to take some time off to relieve all the stress you have accumulated from the start.


If anyone deserves some good emotional and mental rest, it is you! Then when you are all rested up, you can start to plan for your new journey feeling renewed and ready! Go get ‘em tiger!


How do you push through your last laps? Share your tips by commenting below or tagging @mosseryco on Instagram!


Thank you @cosuffeeshi for her lovely artwork!


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