Welcome to our first Mossery Friends feature! We’ve always loved hearing inspiring stories from our community on their joy and growth and that our tools have in some way been part of the journey.


This month, we talk to Taylor Waldroup about how she overcame her artist block, her newfound confidence, and the discovery of a new medium that resonates with her through Sibylline’s Gouache Art Kit. 🎨💫



Hi there Taylor! Nice to meet you. Tell us a bit about yourself.


I'm residing in South Florida with my partner and our two cats. I’ve never taken formal art classes but I’ve been into drawing and painting since childhood. I still vividly remember my first memory of creating. I decorated the school's picnic table with sharpie markers and signed my name multiple times because I was proud of it! Luckily, I didn't get into trouble, and the drawing stayed there for quite some time.


Besides creating art, I have a few other hobbies that I enjoy. But, right now, I'm painting for fun and to improve my painting skills. One day, I would love to start my own art business — selling art prints, stickers, and other similar things.



How did you first hear about the Art Kits and what made you decide to purchase one?


I heard about the Art Kits from Sibylline Meynet. I've been a fan of hers for a while. Initially I was hesitant, however, after reading about what was included in the Art Kit, I felt reassured and decided to purchase the 1st and 2nd editions of Sibylline Meynet Gouache Art Kit. It was worth it as the Art Kit includes everything you need to learn about gouache, making it great for someone like me — who wants to try a new medium without fully committing.


We'd love to hear your thoughts on the Sibylline Meynet Gouache Art Kit and how it has influenced your creativity, confidence and art style?


Sibylline Meynet Gouache Art Kit has had a huge impact on my creativity. I was experiencing a really bad case of art block and was struggling finding a medium that fits me as an artist. The Art Kit has helped me not only to discover my favourite medium, but also to become more confident using the paints. The step-by-step instructions in the guidebook were helpful — everything was explained thoroughly and it was easy to follow. It boosted my sense of confidence as an artist, allowing me to confidently share my artwork with the world.



You mentioned that you were struggling with finding the right medium for you. What led you to choose gouache as your preferred medium?


I've tried other mediums before, such as oil paints and watercolour but never got too far with it. When I saw the opaque and detailed capabilities of acryla gouache in Sibylline's work, it made me intrigued to try it out. I've tried digital art too but nothing compares to painting with real paints. The acryla gouache is the perfect balance between watercolour and acrylic and has become my absolute favourite medium to work with 💘✨🎨



Do you have a specific artwork that you're particularly proud of? What made it special to you?


The piece I’m the most proud of right now is the painting I did for the Lunar New Year, celebrating the year of the rabbit! It’s a girl sitting calmly in a meadow with two of her rabbit friends 🐰 I’m proud of it specifically because it’s the first original illustration I’ve done using the acryla gouache. I used everything from the Art Kit to complete it and I am still so happy with how everything came out — from the composition to the colour palette!


Can you share with us where do you find your inspiration?


I draw inspiration from many sources. I find that nature - particularly plants, and animals - plays a significant role in my artwork. I’m a big animal lover so I always try to include them in my art!


I'm also inspired by other artists I admire, as well as movies and TV shows I grew up with. It's always nostalgic and comforting to recreate a scene from my childhood favourites. I'm still working on finding my individual style, so I'm taking my time to experiment and explore what works best for me as an artist.



Overall, how would you rate your experience with the Sibylline Meynet Gouache Art Kit, and would you recommend it to others


I would rate my experience the highest I could possibly rate it. I would highly recommend both Art Kits for those who want to try acryla gouache. Not only does the Art Kit contain incredibly useful materials, but it also includes exclusive artwork from Sibylline herself - a fantastic bonus! 😊✨


Unleash your hidden creativity with Mossery Art Kits today. Browse through the collection here and discover the perfect art medium for you!


Posted 06 March 2023 at 09:50 by Judy Grubb

Great interview. Taylor is my granddaughter. She has always had a creative side and it’s great to see her develop into a budding artist. It’s awesome that she has found a medium that is her. She has a natural talent.

Posted 06 March 2023 at 09:51 by Mitchell

Great article

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