Waking up feeling underwhelmed or empty is never a good sign, especially during our present times.


On days like this, make the choice to not force yourself to do everything at your usual pace and take it slow.


Use this time to reflect and understand:


What is a bad day?


Of course, everyone has their own methods when it comes to tackling a bad day but we’d thought we could share ours to see if it helps!


Dissect Your Emotions


When [situation], I want [motivation], So I can [expected outcome]



When we're having a bad day, the first thing is to take a deep breath. For a few minutes, think about what's happening to you. 


If it's something you cannot pinpoint, that's okay, as long you understand what kind of emotion you are going through. After that, ask yourself:


What can I do in this situation?



The key is to recognize that your feelings are reactions to distortions of the moment. Feel free to follow our template above to dissect your current state.


Hopefully, by doing that, you can have a clearer mind and will be able to respond better.


Make sure to write the list on a specific page of your notebook, so you can always find it when you need it.


Journal Truthfully With No Filters


When it's time to vent, vent in a safe space



Just know that your feelings are always valid but confronting them is another thing altogether. Having said that, it’s always important to process your emotions if they start affecting your mental health.


So starting with simple things like writing down your honest thoughts can feel like an emotional purge and help you unload the weight you’ve been carrying- whether you realised it or not.


By dedicating a page or a book as a space for you to vent, you can create a judgement-free space in your journal. journal. So go ahead and write out whatever you want. The important thing is to reflect after.


Count Your Blessings


The small things matter


 Gratitude begins with the simplest things, like how the egg yolk turned out perfectly this morning or that the birds are singing by your windows.


A simple “Thank you” to your food delivery rider and your mailman can do wonders for yourself and to the person receiving it!


So count your blessings- start with the small things and gradually expand your horizons.


You have the rest of your life to practice this habit, really.


Write A Letter To Yourself


It can be to you in the past too! No restrictions



We’ve all probably been assigned to write a letter to our future selves at school before and we think it’s something we can bring back to our present.


In fact, talking to yourself isn’t such a bad idea since let’s face it, no one knows you better than yourself.


So, write a letter! Be it for your future self or the You from 10 minutes ago, let's go with questions like 


• Why was today, in particular, a bad day?

• How did I react to that situation?

• Was it reasonable?

• Was it too much?

• How do I move on from this?


Write it like you would to a friend. Console and guide yourself to be a better You in the future.


To make sure you can always come back to this letter, keep tabs on it!


Keep Track Of How You Feel


It's okay to have bad days


When you see a pattern, you get to spot an anomaly if it occurs. So, when you’re done journaling, reflect on your emotions, and count your losses and victories. Make sure to give yourself a pat on the back for everything!


Moods are often a mixed bag and not always singular so by keeping track of the multiplicity of your moods, it can show you how they fluctuate.


So make sure to highlight the most prominent feeling of the day to see what’s going on.


In the end, we are just trying our best to navigate our daily lives- even through bad days.


Sometimes these methods work and other days, nothing does. But don’t fret, the thing with life is that as long as you take your time, you’ll get through it eventually.


Share with us how you deal with a bad day and we may add it to the list. Make sure to follow us @mosseryco for daily updates and let’s get through our bad days together.


We would love to hear what you think about this post.

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