How quickly has the year passed us by that we only have one month left until we set off the fireworks at midnight?


Although this year has resulted in many of us not being able to spend the last two months with our family and friends, we hope that at least everyone has been healthy and safe!



In the month of November, our team has released the most anticipated project of the year! We’re so happy to announce that we have collaborated with French illustrator, Sibylline Meynet to curate an exclusive art kit.



Dubbed the Mossery × Sibylline Meynet Gouache Art Kit, we have worked together with the artist to put together an all-in-one kit that features her step-by-step instructions to painting with Gouache, a Gouache practice book, her handpicked tools, and more.



Throughout her career, she has been about her painting process and through our collaboration, she finally has all the answers packaged into a neat box.


Click here to check out the Art Kit now!


Perfect for both beginners and experienced artists, we hope you all can enjoy this special project!



If you’re curious about the behind the scenes and want to learn more about the artist, click here for our interview with Sibylline where she talks about her muses, the challenges she faced while creating this art kit, and more.



Speaking of November and how we’re close to the New Year, this is the best time to get your 2021 Planner!


As usual, this is the time to start planning ahead and for your New Year’s resolutions! Stop thinking about them and start writing it down instead.


Click here to browse our covers! We offer personalisation too!



If you’re in need of a Planner with space for notes, you can opt for our Twinbook instead!


With a Dated Half-Year Planner Refill on one side and a Notebook refill on the other, you will have plenty of space to journal and schedule your tasks properly.


Try out different Refill combinations for our Twinbook here!


For the next month, we’re going to take it easy and reflect on 2020. However, we still have some surprises left in us so make sure to stay tuned to our page! Just a few weeks to go before 2021!


Close your eyes and know that plenty of good will be coming for you. All the best and stay safe.


Did anything exciting happen in your November? Let us know down in the comments below!


We would love to hear what you think about this post.

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