When was the last time you stepped out and immersed yourself in nature?


The trees breathe life, the soil nurtures it while the moss carpeting it was what inspired our name, ‘Mossery’— a fusion of the words ‘moss’ and ‘stationery’.


When we chose that name, we wanted to pay tribute to the Earth’s beauty and the resources it has offered to us.


Thus, this April, we want to remind everyone and ourselves, that the Grass is Greener Here on Earth, that this is the only place we have to call home.


With the full intention to protect and conserve our environment, we are launching Mossery Earth, a series of initiatives we’re taking to create a greener future.



To ensure your books arrive safely in your hands, we unfortunately leave behind our carbon footprint in the process.


Hence, to offset the carbon produced from shipping worldwide, we’re proud to announce that we will be working with Cloverly to neutralise our carbon footprint by matching each shipment’s carbon emission cost with a green project closest to the destination.


By calculating the total carbon emissions generated from our deliveries, the Cloverly API determines the price of carbon offsets we have to purchase.


Then, the amount collected will be used to cover our carbon footprint by channelling the fundings into green and sustainable projects.



We have a slightly different take on the 3R principle, which is: ‘Reuse, Refill, Renew’. With that in mind, we designed our books to be refillable.


Every Mossery book lasts as long as the duration you own it, as you can simply replace used pages with a variety of refills, which you can choose according to your needs and preference at the time.


By refilling your books, you can reuse your favourite cover for however long you want, whichever way you’d like!



Machines make mistakes, that’s why some of our refills have minor imperfections.


While we’re committed to deliver in the best quality we can attain, this hardly means that books with barely noticeable flaws should be thrown away, especially when these books are still 100% functional.


To avoid unnecessary wastage, we’re offering these books at a 40% discount at our Second Chance Sale. After all, every book deserves a home. 



While paper products can be effective tools of creativity, we’re aware of the effects uncontrolled paper production has on the environment, namely deforestation from excessive logging, as paper is made from wood.


As an ongoing effort for sustainability, we source our paper with care and scrutiny to make sure they’re ethically produced.


As such, our papers are certified by the FSC and the ISO14000 Environmental Management Standard, both globally recognised environmental standards.


With that, we aim to minimise the negative effects paper production has on our planet.



Unique designs require specific prints and cuts, although this may result in leftover papers during production.


To avoid wasting these ample materials, we’re repurposing the offcuts to create new products! We're still in the midst of making it happen so do stay tuned!


Besides Mossery Offcuts, we have several more exciting launches lining up for the month, so stay tuned to our Instagram for the latest updates!


While it may be possible for humankind to eventually discover and settle on a distant, yet familiar planet, the greenest grass still grows on Earth.


With that, we implore you to pick up your watering cans, and join us to take care of this big, beautiful globe we call home.


Within your power, what steps are you taking to uphold sustainability? What other efforts would you like to see us take to advance this green mission?


Tell us all about it in the comments below!


Thank you to Chee Zhen for this writeup!


We would love to hear what you think about this post.

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