The pandemic has caused a major halt in our lives. As the world enters a new normal, we are now collectively feeling an emotion that leaves us unmotivated, aimless, and joyless.


This emotion is called “languish”. It emerges from our absence of purpose, making us feel like we’re stuck dragging our feet through each passing day. However, this state of languish is hardly permanent with the right antidote.


To counter this, we want to introduce the idea of

“Purposeful Everyday”

where we reclaim control of our circumstances and despite them, create meaning in the days to come.


Rejuvenate our drive through experiencing a meaningful day-to-day life. After all, finding purpose is what makes life really worth living.


With that, we are delighted to announce the launch of our 2022 Planner!




For the months leading up to 2022, we implore you to reconnect with yourself. Dig deep and think: what makes your day purposeful?


By filling in each day with intent, you are cultivating your mind, heart, and self. Notice as you slowly flourish with the small changes you make with every passing day.


Along with the 2022 Planner, do also check out the four new covers we released — Microflora, Moss, Citrus Dream, and Malibu!



Inspired by the inkling of life to the weight of our sky, we hope these covers will not only refresh your energy for 2022, but also inspire you to always live your days with renewed vigour. Pre-order now now to get your planner in August! 


Step back, recalibrate, and rejuvenate. Fill in your new 2022 Planner with old wishes and all your wins, no matter big or small. By living life how you make it, your next year will be filled with intent, growth, and purpose. 


We also have several more exciting things lined up for the month, including a guide on how to live your days purposefully. Do stay tuned to @mosseryco, we can’t wait for you to see them! 


Thank you to Chee Zhen for this writeup!


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