Every year, Mossery prepares something special for the Gifting Season and this year is no different!


Alongside Fictionist Studio, we have come up with a new Gift Box that’s entirely designed using community-led data, in their words, we hope to create "A collaborative, hopeful, optimistic, humanised data story."



Equipped with the idea of using data-driven design, we published a questionnaire a few months back, asking our community members to answer over 20 questions to start our design process.


In just one week, we got over 1000 responses, and in total, we have gathered over 20,000 answers for this gift box design!


Thank you all so much for your enthusiasm and now, we are happy to introduce our 2020 Gift Box design, aptly named,

“Shapes of You”


At Mossery, we are always thinking about our community members and how we can incorporate them into our campaigns.


This gift box design is entirely community-led, where we engaged you to go on an introspective journey with us.



In the end, all your answers have contributed and determined the look of our year-end gift box packaging.


We are so glad that through this collective effort, we could create an inclusive product that is both a meaningful experience and an aesthetically-pleasing packaging perfect for the gifting season!


Speaking of, for every Medium Mossery Book purchased, it will be packaged in this limited edition gift box!


So take this opportunity to send Mossery books to your loved ones. In a way, your gift becomes more special as it is packaged in the well-wishes of all our community members across the globe!



In addition, in every gift box, you will also receive an interactive sheet where we detailed the collected data of all the answered questions in the form of stickers!


Here, you can see how for every question, we have created specific shapes and colour-coded them to reflect the answers we received.


This way, you can see how although we individually had different answers, we as a collective are not so different from each other after all.



Anyway, we created these special edition stickers for you to decorate your Mossery books!


We also turned the questions into stickers in hopes that you can elaborate your answers in your journal to understand yourself better.


As gifting season draws near, we are reminded again to cherish the intent behind the act of gifting.


The idea of presenting someone with a meaningful gift not only requires deep thought but also sentiment.



With that, we wish to carry your insights forward by creating an artwork that connects people and in turn, shapes our collective introspection into a meaningful gift for the people around us.


This box is shaped by you, enjoy and thank you.


Click here to read the interview we had with Fictionist Studio to see behind the scenes photos and insights on working on this data-driven design.


Make sure to film your unboxing and tag us @mosseryco on Instagram! We can’t wait to see your excitement!


Posted 10 November 2020 at 10:33 by Mossery

Hi! Feel free to browse our website and you will receive our Gift Box for all Personalised Books! While stock lasts 😊

Posted 10 November 2020 at 10:32 by Iolanthe

how do i buy the end of year gift

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