As August sets its course, we’d like to introduce our Made For You Month where we remind you of the main priority behind our hallmark of customisation — you. 

Our products are made for you. From a wide array of cover designs down to name personalisations, they are customised to fit the varied preferences and needs of our users.

This pertains especially to our Planners, Notebooks and Sketchbooks. In fact, we took it up a notch by launching our Twinbook — for those who’d prefer the convenience of both a planner and notebook in one book!


Continuing on from July, we would like to redirect you to our Purposeful Everyday Checklist which entails 31 acts of daily wins over the span of 31 days.



Affixed as a route to self-betterment that requires our conscious effort, some might find the idea of living Purposeful Everyday intimidating and worry about relapsing into the grips of languishing.  


However, we are here to take the first steps with you and remind you that it doesn’t have to be splendorous. It’s okay to start small, accumulate little wins and witness yourself evolve throughout the journey, one day at a time.


Feel free to kickstart your journey to flourishing by checking off the purposeful acts you've done today!



Awed by the wonderful ways our community has personalised their own Mossery book, we are thrilled to feature some of you in our Made By You Interview Series, where we’ll be showcasing their creative spreads and discover how they came to be! 


With that, do check out Part 1 and the upcoming Part 2 of the interview series!


Learn more about their stories, from their diverse backgrounds to personal preferences and how they found a creative refuge from the whirl of modern life, provided by the simplicity of physical paper and pen (or paint). 



These individuals have proved that not a single book is the same, and that we all become the author of our own story as we begin to fill in the pages of our book, our way.


In hopes of empowering the hundreds of ways our community could go about their planner, notebook or sketchbook, we have made it a point for us to not limit your possibilities by way of personalisation.


It is truly a joy for us to witness how our books are made by you, and how they have become a meaningful piece of your life story. Here’s to hoping they become a wonderful companion in your purposeful journey. 



Start curating your book, then leave it to us to carefully build and ensure its best quality for you.


Have you customised your own Mossery book? What do you like most about our personalisation features? Share with us in the comments section below!


Thank you to Faziera for this write-up, and to @ellieandmarker for the photo!


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